Xbox 360 Sales reach 17.7 Million

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Microsoft_Xbox 360 Microsoft have been having a lot of problems recently with its live service however it has not stopped them selling a whole load of 360s during the Christmas break.

Apparantly the company has shipped 17.7 Million Xbox 360 Consoles since its launch 2 years ago. On September 30 the figure was apparently at 13.4 million meaning they have sold over 4.3 millions units from October onwards. Pretty impressive really.

2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Sales reach 17.7 Million”

  1. Hi Jenna, sorry slow reply. I think the 360 is the stronger gaming platform at the moment, it definitely has more decent games.

    The PS3 is probably a better choice for convergence as it comes with Blue Ray built in, and the fact that the Blue Ray format seems to be winning the HD War.


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