WWDC : Summary of Apple’s Conference news.

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With the conference been and gone, we gave you some snippets of news. The lower priced MacBook excited me personally, but with so much going on we’ll give you a summary of everything else.



  • iPhone 3G
    With the iPhone 3GS on the horizon what’s going to happen to the now “old” 3G. Well it’s getting a price cut in the US which we’re still waiting to find out what it’ll be in the UK, plus there’s the iPhone 3.0 OS update.This free update for your iPhone is packed with new features, like the 3GS one’s you’d have hoped would have been there from the beginning. Copy and paste, movies direct to your iPhone(to buy/rent), MMS(oh my god, about time), Find my iPhone(counter theft application) , tethering (connect your iPhone to your computer, use its internet connection) and HTTP streaming (improving web streaming of audio and video),  and better, faster Javascript for better browsing.
  • Snow Leopard
    OS X Snow Leopard – Apple’s latest version of its operating system – was also unveiled at the conference. Now using 6GB of hard drive space less after install, its faster and more efficient improving general performance of things like the included mail application and web browsing. It also includes the final version of Safari 4. Apple’s OSX boss Bertrand Serlet claimed: “It offers unsurpassed speed… the scale is multiples of IE8’s speed.”. All with a reduced price tag, Snow Leopard will cost just $29.
  • TOM TOM for iPhone
  • TomTom has unveiled its app for iPhone alongside a car holder for the iPhone. It was obviously going to appear at some point and now with iPhone OS 3.0, but its now officially been unveiled at the conference. It generaly works in the same way as other TomTom SatNavs with large icons and little text with the standard style maps that show your planned route. The Car kit has a holder(to erm…. hold it) but also recharges your iPhone through your car. It can be positioned to be shown portrait or in landscape depending on how you want to look at it. Unfortunately though it wasn’t unveiled as to when its being released.


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