World Cup 2010 in 3D!!!

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Courtesy if the wonderful chaps at Sony and those not so wonderful chaps at the “England Hating” FIFA, next Summer’s world cup will be filmed in 3D. Now obviously if you’re mad on football like me this will bear lots of interest, if not i probably lost you at the title.


25 matches will be filmed in South Africa using Sony’s professional new 3D cameras showing added depth to the play, but obviously only if you have a compatible TV set.


This can only mean one thing. An electrical giants, marketing dream. Who can think of a better way to get the new love of 3D Tech currently sweeping the world into the homes of millions. By playing it hand in hand with the worlds most watched sport. However for those who cant be bothered Sony say they will be holding “Fan Fests” in seven cities around the world whereby people can go and watch the games on Sony screens.


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