WisQo Smart Lighting Review

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The WisQo system approaches smart lighting a little differently than Hue, or Z-Wave Switches that replace your light switches. Most, if not all, the smart light switches require a 3-wire system which is not always used in UK households.

With the WisQo system, it is installed into the light fixture and only requires 2 wires, your live and neutral. This great in theory, but it does require your ceiling rose to be big enough to accommodate the receive. While the receiver is small, it may not squeeze into thin ceiling roses.

If you have ever fitted a light yourself then installation should be quite simple, as long as you switch the lights off at the fuse box, doing basic wiring is quite a simple and safe job.

The hub part of the system is quite simple to set up and pair with, the signal seems to be strong over long distances around my house.

The app itself is OK, it isn’t quite a feature rich as Philips Hue, but it gets the job done. I have the system set up on a schedule but WisQo also sells a light switch, which will integrate with the system.

It does now work with Alexa, but I don’t currently have an Alexa device in my house. Having already committed to Hue and Z-Wave the main issue I have is another smart device on my network and one that doesn’t easily communicate with the other devices.

Overall, this is quite an interesting system, and it works as advertised. I prefer Philips Hue, but it is very expensive and you are currently restricted to 3 bulb types. ZWave switches are also a better option in most cases, but again, these are more expensive, and quite often will not work in a lot of UK home. With Wisqo the only limitation is having enough space it install it. So, the WisQo manages to squeeze itself into a competitive niche by offering functionality that some of the other bigger brands don’t have.

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