Windows Mobile 6.5 Details

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Well Microsoft have finally announced Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Conference. They also announced several other services including:

MyPhone – MyPhone is a free online service that lets Windows Mobile 6.5 users sync their data to the cloud. The data it will synch includes SMS, media files, contacts etc. However it will not work with MS Exchange and will not be a full backup of the phone. The communication between the device and the cloud goes both ways: users can add files from a web interface to their phone.

Windows Marketplace – Windows Marketplace is an app store where users can find and download applications directly from the phone. Previously, it was possible to find apps and download them as .cab files, but the process was painful, especially when the search was done on the handset itself.

Windows Mobile 6.5 with have a variety of enhancements including new lock screen that provides dynamic notification to the honeycomb start menu, a finger-friendly Today screen and a new version of Internet Explorer Mobile that offers Adobe Flash lite support.

There is no specific date of release but the Touch Pro 2 and Touch Diamond 2 will use WM 6.5





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