Windows 7 RC1 publicly available May 5 with some new features

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Microsoft have officially announced you will be able to get your hands on the legit Windows 7 Release Candidate 1.

The release candidate will also have 2 new features that should help win over more fans.

You will now be able to stream your library over the Internet with Windows Media player

This is a fantastic little feature, though perhaps not quite as easy to set up as you would like. Windows Media Player's Remote Media Sharing will let you access your media library from anywhere over the internet. You need a Windows Live ID that you associate with your Windows 7 user account using a tool you have to download. You will also need the same version of WMP on both computers.

Once it is all set up you will be able to view the library under “Other Libraries” in the navigation panel.

Windows XP Mode: Windows XP virtual environment

For users running Windows 7 Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate you will be able add Windows XP functionality via an additional download for free. Unlike the compatibility mode in Vista the Xp mode should is a proper virtual environment using Microsoft's Virtual PC which should avoid any possible compatibility problems for older software.

windows7streamBelow Windows XP Mode running Word 2003 under XP and Word 2007 under Windows 7 via SuperSite Blog.


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