Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Arrive in Summer

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Windows 10 is supposed to end the cycle of major Windows releases such as XP/Vista/7/8 etc, and instead focus on gradual updates for the OS. Microsoft have just announced at their developer conference that this summer will see one of them major updates in the form of the so-called Anniversary Update.

This update will bring some hefty improvements including but not limited to:

  • Windows Hello's biometric authentication to all kinds of apps.
  • Vastly improved stylus support including ‘Ink Center’ that you can easily access whenever using a stylus. It includes an improved Sticky Notes, which can now recognize your handwriting and automatically hyperlink notes with important information.
  • It is coming to Xbox One too, turning any retail Xbox One into a dev unit and bringing Windows 10 apps and Cortana to Xbox One.
  • A Linux command-line shell and support for Ubuntu Linux binaries
  • Microsoft also said dedicated apps for Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger would be coming to Windows in the near future.

Microsoft also announced that Microsoft HoloLens will be available today.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of the updates on the Windows Blog page

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