Will Virtual Sports or eSports Reign in the Coming Years?

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the Coming Years?

While traditional sporting events will always take centre stage for the vast majority of people, the alternative spot is well and truly up for grabs.

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional events, you have two options. These are virtual sports or eSports. Both can offer something that traditional sports can’t, which is a positive, but it is unlikely that either will ever become popular enough to overtake what we know and love.

Betting has pushed both of these alternatives forward, but which will move forward over the next few years? This would then take the second spot behind traditional sport and maybe begin to challenge that one day in the future?

The Difference Between Virtual Sports and eSports

Virtual sports are computerised events that you can place a bet on. eSports are live events where players take each other on using a computer video game.

Real people compete in eSports, with events such as the Fortnite World Cup, which saw a 16-year-old win $3 million in 2019 so much like traditional sports, a schedule needs to be created and people need to take each other on.

One of the benefits of virtual sports is that they require nothing. These computerised events can be scheduled to take place at any time of the day, where they will best fit in around sporting events.

In terms of flexibility and the ability to step in when there are gaps in sport, eSports cannot compete with virtual sports in that sense.

However, there will always be people who won’t want to bet on something that is computerised, many prefer real life and to know they are watching something live, rather than recorded.

How Betting on These Two Has Changed

If you look at the latest mobile phone advancements you will see how things are moving mobile, and that is certainly the case for the betting industry.

Betting on both virtual sports and eSports has changed considerably over the past decade.

What people want to do with their lives is pull out a mobile phone and place a bet when they want, and have it on an event that is taking place very soon.

With a constant stream of virtual sporting events taking place, anyone betting on this doesn’t have to wait very long for a race to happen.

However, eSports gamblers have also been able to take advantage of this,

With more battles than ever before covered by the bookmakers such as those on freebets.com. On top of this, you can bet live if something has already started, and even stream the battle live to your phone, so you can bet and then watch.

Predictions for the Future

Both virtual sports and eSports are going to remain as popular as they are at the moment, but the question is how far can they push forward in the future?

For eSports, this is likely to be determined by one thing, and that is the ability to move into the mainstream, which will probably need a big TV deal in many parts of the world.

With this, people will begin to put eSports alongside regular sports, and the more that do that, and the more that watch, the bigger this industry will become.

For virtual sports, their growth is dependent on how much gamblers want an event to take place at their convenience. If this becomes the most important aspect of gambling, expect virtual sports betting to rise rapidly.

If one had to be chosen, eSports is seemingly the one that could grow to huge levels if the industry can get some big exposure.

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