Will Smartwatch Gambling Ever Dominate Mobile?

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Smartwatch has become a traditional accessory in the modern world with a quite diverse functionality close to one offered by mobile phones. Being powered by the same operating systems as other mobile gadgets they support a variety of applications and offer access to the Internet through different mobile browsers. This means they can provide a full-stack gambling experience similar to other mobile gadgets but are they competitive with them? Can smartwatch gambling substitute mobile? Let’s find out.

Smartwatch gambling: is it a new trend?

It sounds surprising but the first LED watch was released back in 1972 and these watches have acquired many new features since that time. The first smartwatch SPH-WP10 from the Samsung company was introduced in the 1990s and it was the first hand-wrist device to work like a micro-computer.

Nowadays, these devices support the majority of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, so it is predictable there are casino apps too. The first effort to introduce casino games on the smartwatch was made in 2014 at the World Mobile Congress. It was a prominent Microgaming game development company to offer a game running on a smartwatch. It was a traditional slot machine called “Thunderstruck” that was soon followed by another popular game entitled “The Dark Knight Rises”. They have become pioneers in smartwatch gambling and inspired other software game development companies to develop this direction too.

Pros and cons of Smartwatch gambling

Despite the fact that not all people consider smartwatches easy and comfortable to use as well as practical, there are quite many people who believe in the future of casino games played on this device. The reason for that are various advantages you get while playing jackpot games via a smartwatch:

  • Multitasking: there is no need to hold this device, so you are secured from dropping it and you should not take it off doing other things;
  • Mobility: possibility to play anytime and anywhere;
  • Easy access: it is enough to download a game and it will always be at hand;
  • Eligibility for bonuses: players can benefit from bonuses and promotions offered.

However, the range of reasons why smartwatch gambling has not still achieved incredible popularity is more convincing:

  • Small screen: it may lead to mistapping and inability to see certain details when you play;
  • The necessity to download games: not all web games will run on these mini devices;
  • Challenges with depositing, withdrawing, and registration: not comfortable to enter data;
  • A small variety of games: only some developers deal with these products. 

Screen size and resolution are important

If you ask any gambler whether the screen size and its resolution play an important role in the gambling experience, the answer will be positive, undoubtedly. Modern games have so many interesting details and animations that it can be difficult to enjoy them even if a small screen has a big resolution. Despite the fact that the game has high-revolution graphics that look excellent on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, it may be difficult to play it on a smartwatch since it is not adapted to its much smaller screen.

Smartwatch vs mobile gambling

You may say that smartwatch gambling has the same pros and cons that mobile gaming. Both of them provide players with flexibility, mobility, and multitasking, but mobile gambling still has a number of advantages over smartwatch:

  • The collection of mobile games is overwhelming;
  • It is easier to process payments, claim bonuses, withdraw funds on them;
  • There is a bigger screen to enjoy colourful and high-resolution games;
  • Access to web-based games on compatible online casino websites.

Players are not restricted to playing on mobile phones and tablets no matter whether they access casinos that take Apple Pay or give lucrative bonuses to players. Unfortunately, this seamless experience can’t be guaranteed on smartwatches as well.


If you compare mobile and smartwatch gambling, you will find many common features but the differences between them are rather significant too. Smartwatch gambling can’t provide players with a full diversity of emotions and impressions they get on other mobile and desktop devices, so there is little chance it will ever dominate the industry. However, this direction in online gambling will be definitely developed since there are players who consider it convenient, so we will observe the appearance of new games and trends in this sphere. 

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