WiFi Alliance wants cross-compatibility with Mesh WiFi Routers

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Mesh Wifi routers are the new big thing in WiFi technology, they fix most of the problems people have with WiFi by offering uninterrupted WiFi across a large area seamlessly.

The problem with this technology is that each company uses a different method to achieve the same objective. One common feature is to use a dedicated 5Ghz channel as the backhaul to maintain the connection, but no all devices use this. So once you commit to a particular mesh router system, you are stuck with that brand unless you replace the whole system.

If you have ever used a powerline adapter, you may be aware that these are now all cross-compatible I can use my Devolo dLAN with a TP-Link adaptor if I want.

The WiFi Alliance aims to bring this concept to mesh networking with the launch of its EasyMesh program.

EasyMesh is purely about bringing together devices, and manufacturers can still add unique features and improve specs to help their routers stand out from the pack. EasyMesh is just a software standard, so manufacturers can update the firmware on existing routers to meet the certification.

Some of those supporting EasyMesh from the outset are AirTies, ARRIS, and ASSIA. So no major consumer brands just yet, and it is possible bigger brands may resist this standard to ensure the consumer is locked into their product. If EasyMesh becomes popular enough across smaller brands it will hopefully force bigger companies to adopt it too.

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