Why Mobile is the Future of the Gaming and Gambling Industry

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Both the gaming and gambling global market is climbing up and experts predict that they will continue to do so in the next couple of years. It’s estimated that the gaming industry ended up with a value of over 90 billion US dollars last year and the gambling sector at over 443 billion US dollars despite the pandemic.

When it comes to the future of both industries, however, one sector appears to quickly overtake the others and this is the mobile market. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in mobile gaming and gambling. People are now showing more interest in mobile games and betting apps.

Where Mobile Gaming and Gambling are Becoming More Popular

While gambling has been a welcomed activity in the UK, it is becoming more prominent in other countries too like India. Mobile gambling, in particular, is becoming more relevant in the country as smartphones become more affordable and the internet infrastructure improves. The locals would look for the best betting app in India to be able to place their bets on cricket, their most favorite sport.

Many UK gambling companies are starting to look towards the direction of other countries like India. This is easy to understand because of the country’s population and the rise of the local mobile market. Mobile gaming is also becoming more popular here and some of their favorites are games like PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile.

There are now over 1.360 billion people in India and over 448 million are mobile internet users. These numbers are expected to go up as internet infrastructure improves in the country. According to reports, 5G will also be available this year.

India could have a 5G connection by the middle of this year and this is according to Mukesh Ambani who is the boss of Reliance and Jio. With a 5g connection, the locals can take their mobile gaming and gambling experience to the next level.

5G is becoming more available worldwide. The UK has had this since 2019, and according to EE, the whole country should have this connection by the end of 2022. This means that there are simply many interesting things in store for the local mobile users.

Why People are Now Gaming and Gambling on Their Mobile Devices

People have a few great reasons why they would rather game on their mobile device. Whether it’s an online game or real money games, many now prefer going mobile, and here are some of their reasons why.

  • Access On-The-Go

Playing video games used to only happen at home because you can’t take your gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox outside. For gamblers, their only option is to head to the local casino where they can play their favorite games.

Today, people can play anywhere they want and anytime they are available because of the internet and their mobile device. It’s generally cheaper to play games on a mobile device. You no longer need to purchase a gaming console and go to a casino where you’ll only be tempted to spend more money.

Whether you’re traveling or you’re simply on the bus going home, you can pull out your phone and play mobile games including casino games with live dealers too!

  • Safe Payment Options

In the early days of the internet, many were hesitant on making transactions online. It was just right to be because fraudulent activities and cybercriminals were everywhere. Well, there still are cybercriminals out there who prey on non-tech savvy people, but today, it’s generally safe to transact online.

You can now safely purchase a digital copy of the game you’d like to play and make a deposit to your online casino account without much process. Mobile payment options are becoming the more preferred way to transact by many people. It’s just so easy to just enter a pin or use your fingerprint to allow a purchase to go through.

  • Variety

Variety is also no longer a problem these days. Smartphones have become so powerful that you can play heavy battle royal games like PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile on such a small device. For gambling, online casinos are now also allowing mobile users to join live dealer sessions.

It’s impossible to get bored with a mobile device nowadays as you can do so much with it. This is especially for gaming purposes. There are now thousands of gaming and betting apps that you can download and enjoy.

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