Why it’s a good idea to upgrade your smartphone regularly

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There has never been a better time to upgrade your smartphone. There is a dizzying array of new models available from manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and Huawei.

Data from IHS Markit shows the average user in the US upgrades their smartphone every two years, and it can be argued that making the switch after one year or 18 months is preferable depending on your requirements.

The good news is that whether you want to splash out on a premium device with high-end specs or opt for a more budget-friendly option that still packs a punch for a small price, you will have a variety of smartphones from which to choose.

Prevent battery-related woes

While smartphones now come with cutting-edge technology like triple camera systems with night modes and ultrafast 5G, the Achilles heel is often the battery life. It is rare for any device to offer three-days of usage from a single charge and battery capacity often steadily drops off over time.

Upgrading to a new smartphone will mean you won’t have to deal with battery drain that can force you to recharge it several times a day, which can hit your productivity levels and cause frustration. It will also put your mind at ease that the battery won’t die entirely, a significant issue in today’s world of non-removable batteries.

Keep up to date

Consumers upgrade their phones regularly to get access to the latest iOS and Android updates. After purchasing a new phone, you usually get a two-to-four-year period where you will be able to download and install the latest operating system and security updates. However, sometimes this update window only lasts for 12 months.

When you are no longer eligible for these upgrades, your phone is more susceptible to cybersecurity-related issues. A study by the UK consumer group Which? found a staggering one billion global devices are currently at risk of being hacked due to running on outdated software.

Upgrading regularly will reduce the threat of security issues and ensure your data, passwords, and online browsing activities are safe and secure.

Download new apps

Updates also extend to the apps and games you download on your phone. It is prevalent for app developers to limit access to new features to users who do not have the latest software installed on their phone. If you don’t have the latest version of iOS or Android, for example, you might not be able to download some apps onto your device.

Get the best performance

The performance of smartphones degrade over time, even if you purchased a flagship device two or three years ago. That is due to the continued evolution in mobile CPUs. Apple’s A14 Bionic chip is 40% faster than the A12 processor and has a GPU that is 30% better.

Many people want to play free games at online casinos on their smartphone. In that case, upgrading regularly ensures you get the very best user experience when enjoying a mixture of slots, poker, roulette, and blackjack.

A more powerful phone with substantial RAM will quickly load apps, games, and online sites. In contrast, older phones may not perform as they should with long load times, slower frame rates, and visibly worse graphics.

Access new tech

Smartphones now double up as a personal computer in your pocket, and each year brings new tech and features that justify a regular upgrade cycle. For example, Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 12, added 5G for the first time. If you want ultrafast data speeds, your only option is to buy a new phone.

New devices also include better camera systems that are now very close to the professional DSLR experience, and larger high-resolution displays perfect for streaming content. Switching to a new smartphone means you will never get left behind.

Higher resale

It is important to note that you won’t have to stump up all of the funds for a device if you regularly upgrade, as your older smartphone will still have resale value. iPhones are renowned for how little the resale depreciates, especially during the first year or two, so you can sell your older device to pay a portion of your new one.

This is also true for contracts where you can sell your phone and then take advantage of a cut-price deal when your contract is coming to an end or recently finished.

Investing in a new phone is generally always a good idea as you will be able to take advantage of better performance and new tech, longer battery life, recently released security and OS updates. You will also benefit from a user experience superior to older, slower devices.

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