More people than ever before are giving up smoking for good. And many quitters credit their victory over cigarettes to vaping and e-cigs. This incredible gadget has seen a huge growth in popularity since it first became available back in the late noughties. 

This simple gadget allows users to enjoy nicotine without the presence of flames, ash, tar and harmful toxic fumes. This simple, battery-powered device heats your chosen liquid into an aerosol mist which is then inhaled by the user, producing a plume of pleasant vapour which could smell of anything from menthol to peanut butter and jelly flavour. You’ll find a wide range of nicotine salts here, just click the link.

So, why is the e-cig the gadget of choice for smokers who are hoping to quit? Read on to find out more.

They’re less harmful to your health

The health implications of smoking are well documented. From the threat of COPD and emphysema to chronic bronchitis, strokes, cancers, and lung diseases. Not forgetting issues with fertility and even vision complications, it’s hardly surprising that smokers are welcoming this helpful piece of technology. Because most of the danger to your health comes from the tar, and toxic chemicals found in the smoke of a traditional cigarette, vaping has proved to be a much safer way to enjoy nicotine without the added health risks.

They’re much cheaper

It's easy to imagine that the price tag around such a popular gadget and revolutionary piece of technology is out of reach for the likes of you and me. However, when it comes to e-cigs, that's simply not the case. Users can find a wide range of starter kits available on the market at incredibly competitive prices, not forgetting potential modifications such as mod and pod kits, which are also competitively priced. The liquids used in these gadgets are also incredibly budget-friendly, and you can try a wide range of flavours without spending anywhere near the cost of your weekly cigarette habit.

It’s visually appealing

There’s nothing particularly classy or appealing about the sight of a cigarette between someone’s lips. It leaves your clothes, hair and breath in a bad state too. Not forgetting tooth stains and yellow fingers. Contrastingly, vaping is the complete opposite and is seen by many as much more visually appealing. The sleek, modern designs of e-cigs always look great, some even fit into the palm of your hand, making them incredibly accessible and easy to use. Not forgetting the fantastic aroma of all those different flavours.

And they’re user friendly

Not all tech is as user friendly as the e-cig. Typically, these simple, two-piece models simply require the user to attach a battery, install their choice of liquid and that’s it. They can begin vaping instantly. Some designs are also automatic so the vapour escapes naturally during inhalation. They really are that straightforward! No more fumbling with boxes of cigarettes, no more broken lighters or trying to cover the flame in bad weather, just a couple of clicks and you’re enjoying your e-cig, instantly.