Why Is It So Important to Know a Postcode in England?

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In England, as elsewhere, it is a critical part of a postal address. The entire territory of the state is divided into regions, cities, districts, each of which has its own unique postcode. By it, unlike street names, which are not always unique and can be repeated, as well as by the number of the house, you can accurately determine the required address. Do you know the address and want to find a code? Then, use an interactive postcode finder map and get the necessary information within seconds.

Main Features and Peculiarities of the UK Postcode

 For example, the most famous London postcode SW1 2AA is part of the address designating the Prime Minister’s residence: 10, Downing Street, London. That is, in order to accurately determine the location of the residence, you only need to know the house number – 10 and the postcode – SW1 2AA. Two identical post codes do not exist throughout the country. Therefore, if you ever need to look in the UK for the address you need, first make sure that you have the correct code and house number. You can even forget the street name. By the way, even two houses located on the same street may have a different postcode.

Within one district, it is distinguished by the last three signs, that is, the first three signs indicate the district, and the rest is already a specific street and house. So, for example, returning to the above address, to explain in what area the Prime Minister’s residence is located, it’s enough to say “SW1”, and everyone will understand, this is somewhere in Westminster. In order to clarify where in Westminster to look for the prime minister, one must also indicate the second part of the 2AA index.

What Do Letters and Numbers Mean?

 It will be interesting to note that only in London, codes relative to the districts are selected by the principle of a compass. This means that the letter denoting the area indicates the direction of the world, that is, its location on the map. So, E means East, W – respectively West, N – North, S – South. Based on this, the SE index stands for South-East, SW stands for South-West, and NW stands for North-West. However, in the list of London postcodes, you will not find one designation, namely NE, that is, North-East (northeast). In other words, all directions except the northeast are highlighted on the London post map, since this abbreviation (NE) does not mean an urban area, but a completely different city – Newcastle, which is located about 300 miles from London.

The number that comes after the first letter or the first two letters of the post code indicates the remoteness of the district from the city center, that is, region N4 is located farther from the center to the north than region N1.

It is almost impossible to determine the exact address that is unknown. In terms of real estate, prices in London again depend on the postcode. There is even the concept of a prestigious and non-prestigious area. Real estate prices in London directly depend on the code, prices for two absolutely identical houses but under different postcodes sometimes differ significantly.

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