Why Do Online Games Work So Well on Mobile Phones

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The global online casino industry is growing at a rapid pace due to a number of reasons. There are more countries who are now opening their doors to legalized online gambling; gaming operators are creating healthy competition as they fight for market share and the constant advancement of technology is improving the quality of online games.

The Shift Towards Mobile Gaming

Over the last five years, online gaming operators have focused their attention on mobile gaming as smartphone usage has increased significantly all over the world and gamers are now keener on playing games via their mobile phones instead of the traditional desktop.

Smartphone manufacturers have made their devices very affordable which has made it possible for people even in less privileged neighbourhoods to get their hands on a smartphone. With affordable 3G and 4G internet connections, users are happy to play online games on their mobile phones while they are on the move.

Gaming developers were quick to recognize this shift towards mobile gaming and they switched over from Flash to HTML5 in order to customize their games for mobile users. The top online casinos in the world partner with major gaming developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Yggdrasil, Evolution Gaming and Vivo Gaming. These top developers have a strong portfolio of HTML5 games that fall into a number of different categories including slots, table games, speciality games, progressive jackpot games and live casino games.  

HTML5 has turned out to be very successful in the gaming industry. You can learn about how it works here.

HTML5 is Perfect for Video Games

HTML5 gives developers a number of key features that is essential to developing a great video game. By using HTML5, developers can audio APIs, cross platform support, 2D and 3D graphics and offline asset storage. Developers find it easy to add graphics , sound, video, animation and also keep good frame rates.

Video games depend heavily on their graphics as the quality and style could very well determine the success or the failure of the video game. This is where HTML5 is extremely useful as it has many frameworks that are available for free as well as for a price. These supporting frameworks are specifically designed to provide special graphics for video game development.

HTML5 is not a complicated code which makes it easy for other developers and users to read the source code. It is not owned by one company as it is an open source code which has a specific set of standards making it easy for developers to use and modify as and when required.

Gaming developers in the past used to rely heavily on Flash technology but started to switch over when they realized how superior HTML5 was. While desktop browsers support Flash, most desktop browsers do not support HTML5. However, just all about all mobile platforms support HTML5 which is why all of the new games are being designed with HTML5.

Key Advantages of Using HTML5 For Games

We take a look at some of the key advantages of using HTML5 for developing online games.

Easy Updates: Developers have to make tweaks to new games based on how they perform as well as player feedback. It is every developer’s nightmare to deal with code that is difficult to work with. HTML5 has no such drawbacks as it is very easy to fix and update. Once the developer completes all changes, the game is fully updated and will reflect the new changes across all platforms and mobile devices.

Multi-Platform Support: There are so many different smartphone devices in the world with different screen sizes, resolution and mobile browsers that developers need to work with a code that can be work with all these devices. HTML5 does exactly that as it is compatible with laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones and works with well with multiple browsers including Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Silk.

Perfect For Mobile Apps: Most of the top online casinos tend to have their own mobile casino apps which are available for download in the Apple and Android store. Developers use HTML5 to ensure that their games are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The technology also makes it easy for developers to insert multiple monetization options such as in-game advertisements and in-game purchases.

Just as developers switched over from Flash to HTML5, the new focus is now on virtual reality (VR) games.

Future of Virtual Reality:

VR is taking the online gaming industry by storm as players are interested in trying out new technology. VR is when games provide players with a 3D artificial environment and allows players to use different gadgets to play the game. There are a number of VR games that have already gained a lot of popularity around the world.

These VR games are compatible with both PC and mobile devices. Some of these games include Batman: Arkham VR, Tetris Effect, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, PlayStation VR Worlds, Eve: Valkyrie and Beat Saber.

Virtual Reality games give players an extra dimension into gaming and VR games are only going to get more popular in the coming years. The top companies in the world are taking a keen interest in VR Games. Some of these companies include Facebook, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Sony.

More Real Than Ever: VR gamingdevelopers are going to focus less on the virtual part and more on the reality part. The current VR games in the market usually incorporate audio-visual senses but leave out the rest. The new bunch of VR games are going to be a lot more advanced and incorporate smell, fatigue and temperature to make the gaming experience more real than ever.

Advanced Accessories: The success of VR games is largely going to depend on the quality of accessories available. There are a number of top companies working on multiple VR accessories such as headsets, sensor mounts and VR gloves.

Affordable Pricing: The cost of VR games and accessories can be quite expensive. Expect the prices of VR games and accessories to drop down significantly in the coming years making it more affordable for users around the world.

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