Why Big Corporations Have Branded Notebooks and Why Your Business Should Too

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Many businesses miss out on opportunities because they are not thinking carefully enough ‘outside the box’. As a business, you have a task to perform for your customers but in order to sustain clients and be remembered, there has to be more than just a good job done. You may have a logo and business branding but where do you put your logo? Is it simply confined to business cards or have you thought of doing more than that?

A great way to advertise and give yourself credibility is to use your logo on a notebook which can be used by your employees and distributed to clients. Notebook printing from Printkick for an instance is commonly used by big corporations to advertise their brand through give-aways in big events. You can have all manner of notebooks, small, large and in different colours. Why is it that the big corporations have branded notebooks and why should your business have them too?

  • It allows you to advertise your brand in a more unique way compared with headed notepaper and business cards, not everyone has a branded notebook, so it sets you apart from your competition.
  • It oozes professionalism. Whether you are sitting with a client or at a meeting or representing your business in some other forum, the air of professionalism will be apparent.
  • It can really put your business on the map in the eyes of others. When clients and prospective clients see a branded notebook, they assume that you are big business with credibility and importance.
  • It gives your staff a sense of ownership and identity. It offers them a pride to be a part of something great. When you show a pride in your brand, your employees and others follow suit.
  • It also creates a sense of trust between you and your clients. When clients see your branding on your dedicated notebook, it gives them a sense of security to know that you have a brand and are therefore likely to remain in business for time to come.
  • Branding shows that you care and when you care, others do too, it is quite contagious! What better way to show that you care and are proud of your brand than to advertise it and a notebook is a good way to go. It is always good to have your brand out and about in the public domain.

If you are looking to be a bit different, show you care and give your employees and clients a sense of belonging, then branding and using different methods of exposure is always a good idea. Notebooks are used by everyone for all sorts of purposes, it could be for a diary, to keep notes or to make notes at meetings or even to keep a paper copy of a to do list, there is always a good use for a notebook. You can decide to have them as freebies, leave them in and around your office or even use them as gifts for clients, instead of sending a card for Christmas, a notebook could make a novel and much appreciated gift. 

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