Engadget has been able to acquire leaked iPad air 3 schematics from a “reliable” source which is quite revealing.

In the past Apple has struggled to keep a lid on their upcoming device releases. Apple likes to keep hush on upcoming releases, in fact most of the shop floor staff are only made aware of releases at the same time as the general public.

This hasn’t stopped someone in the supply chain from leaking schematics every year. On occasions entire prototypes (without OS) have been leaked, the iPad Pro had its genuine Apple case leaked. iPad Air 3 hasn’t escaped falling victim to this.

Connectivity and external features

iPad air 3 seems to use a lot of the new features in the iPad Pro, it will have quad speakers and a smart connector on the side for accessories. The volume, power, headphone socket are the same as previous iPads. There will be an addition of an LED flash for the rear facing camera.


The schematics suggest that the iPad air 3 will be marginally bigger than previous iPad airs, but at just  0.05 mm thicker and 0.1 mm wider, this won’t translate to a noticeable difference.

iPad air 2 had a bending problem due to its aluminium chassis and narrow thickness. In my opinion the iPad air 2 was far too light and thin. The iPad could be made a couple mm thicker and benefit from a thicker battery and much more durable chassis.

But Robert Jennings; product development manager of uBookRental seems to be happy as they have invested heavily enclosures for iPad Air 2, if iPad Air 3 is roughly the same size these can all be reused.


What we’re uncertain of is whether the iPad air 3 will have the same display as previous generation iPads. The display sizes have been consistent throughout iPads 2,3,4, Air1 & Air2. The only exception being that iPad 3 & onwards had retina displays. With the form factor being identical it’s unlikely that we’ll see any changes. Though the accessories port suggests that it may have Apple pencil compatibility.

What we’d rather NOT see

It’s important for the Apple brand to regain consumer trust. There is a class action lawsuit underway accusing Apple of making older devices obsolete by force installing newer iOS on older hardware which can’t cope. Additionally another class action lawsuit is underway over the Touch ID debacle. All these issues make consumers reluctant to stay with the Apple brand.  Apple needs to endear the public again and stay ahead of the trend. Part of that entails updating iPads with much bigger improvements than what we’ve seen in the past.

Written by Richard Spencer

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