What’s your favourite gadget and why is it so special?

We live in the world of technologies. Technology is the symbol of progress and the synonym of the word “future”. 

It's not obligatory to have them but is it really possible to not have them anymore?

It used to be perfectly natural to walk around not looking into your phone every 2 seconds but here we are – completely dependent on the gadgets and it seems okay. 

Back in the early 90’s we didn’t think the new inventions would take us this far. Our gadgets helps us communicate, take pictures, create videos, listen to music and so on. Instead of 6 different devices we carry one and it saves us from loneliness, distracting from problems.

But our cell-phone isn’t the only gadget we can think of. Our home is full of gadgets that make our life easier. From wireless speakers to remote controls – sometimes it looks like one day we will stop being useful at all.

Machines have taken over and it’s almost scary how we can be replaced by technology. Smart TV, smartphones, robots that helps you clean your house and speakers that talk to you and listen to your commands replying to your questions. Just wow.

If you ask your friends and family about their favourite device, they will name HomePods, phones, computers and TV sets. But we don't realize that our everyday life consists of multiple devices that have simply become a part of our existence. 

Many items that I use daily have helped me to feel better, get ready faster, be more trendy and fashionable. I am a vaper with 5 years of experience and my vape devices are my best gadgets. Just like  my mobile phone they created an addiction for me but like vaping so much I can almost name it one of the most pleasurable time-spending of all time. I have recently discovered a website to order from. Vawoo has given me a choice of the coolest vaporizers I could only think of, depending on preferences and money investments. I highly recommend the above mentioned online store as not only does it deliver the biggest range of products but also sells gadgets for the lowest prices on the internet.

Sometimes we do not even understand how thankful we have to be for all the devices brought to our lives by technological progress. Your home is the place you spend most of your life at. Look around. See everything that surrounds you. Gadgets are everywhere.

In our previous articles we have already discussed various routers. Wi-Fi routers, TV routers, routers that connect wires – all these gadgets and devices make our house – Home. We are getting so comfortable living the way we do. But do we realize how much effort is put into our own comfort?

Many internationally known companies invest billions of dollars in gadget production. The manufacturing of devices has become the top industry due to the fact that people have become dependent on them. You can try to avoid using gadgets but can you really? I don’t think so.

The most important is to separate the gadgets you need for a comfortable living from those who are just a waste of money. When you do, you will come to terms with what's necessary and what’s not. Not everything you see – you need.

To conclude everything said above I would like to let you know that it’s totally fine to have gadgets and follow the latest trends but we cannot and definitely will not let them substitute the most pleasant and natural things such as communications, family reunions, travelling, hugs, kisses and people that are here for us, next to us every single day. Remember that gadgets are meant to make your life easier and more practical rather than distant and lonely. 

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