What has been the impact of COVID-19 on gaming habits?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge influence on all our lives since lockdown began in March 2020. Whether you had to isolate for health reasons, were not working at all or working from home, it suddenly meant we all had more time than ever to fill. Even if your days were busy, the fact that no entertainment venues were open at night meant you had to find something to do in that time. Of course, for many people, this involved using technology to stay busy. One tech sector that has really helped in this regard is gaming.

Although new gaming fans came into the industry as a result of needing something fun to do during lockdown, it was those who gamed already who saw their habits change most. But just what effect has COVID-19 had on our gaming preferences?

Mobile play flourishes

A big noise in gaming right now is playing on your mobile phone. This sector within gaming made an annual revenue of around $49 billion in 2019 and makes up a large share of the whole market. It is easy to see why, as you can play games anywhere you like, on ever more sophisticated handsets such as the Vivo X50, and play when it is most convenient for you. More and more people have begun to game on their mobile phones due to the impact of COVID-19. As with online casino gaming, much of this is due to more people being at home and having more spare time to fill. With many games being free to download, it is easy to see why more people have adopted this habit as the weeks rolled on.

More people game for more time

The pandemic has not only impacted what we play or what we game on but also how much time we spend gaming. It is fair to say that COVID-19 has seen the video game sector soar, and much of this is due to more people having more free time to play. Many millions, for example, have been temporarily off work on the furlough scheme and thus have been able to have longer gaming sessions on more days per week. This saw top games company Activision Blizzard report over 400 million people playing its online Call of Duty game in the first quarter of 2020. Gaming for greater periods of time, more frequently, has become a new habit for many people during lockdown.

More gaming streams are being watched

A big change in gaming habits over lockdown has not only been in how, what or where we play. COVID-19 has also prompted a huge spike in the audiences for game streaming on platforms such as Twitch. It seems that gamers just love anything to do with gaming – even when not playing themselves. This has seen the audience for watching streamed games or tournaments jump by around 8% over lockdown. Naturally, the figures for weekday viewing have also risen, due to people being free to watch in the day, where they might not have been before. Will this habit carry on post-lockdown? The audience figures for streaming games was climbing anyway, so it seems sensible to think the trend will continue.

Online casino play grown even stronger

Gaming is a pretty broad church and one of the specific sectors within it that has grown during lockdown is online casino play. As above, COVID-19 has caused more people to be at home, looking for something to do and a way in which to use their spare time. Playing casino games over the internet has been the ideal solution to this, and many people who might not have considered it before have begun to game in this way.

Live casino play at the sites on https://superlenny.com/en/live-casino/ have been a real boon for those missing the interaction of playing at a land-based casino, for example. When you also add in people who might not have thought about it before playing casino games online, there has been an influx of new players into the sector. It looks likely that this habit for gaming at internet casinos will continue once COVID-19 has passed.

Gaming habits greatly influenced by COVID-19

Gaming has always been popular and will continue to draw new fans as the future unfolds. Experiencing thrilling adventures, fun casino games or cool sports with stunning graphics and sound just has something magical about it. The COVID-19 pandemic has not affected our love for gaming either – in fact, it has caused interest to grow. What has changed for many people, though, is the habits they have when gaming. As the above shows, many people are now enjoying games in a new way.

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