What games use cryptocurrency

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Crypto gaming is emerging as the new model to make easy money. Video games that run on a cryptocurrency network are Crypto games. These games deploy either a completely or partially distributed ledger. Players get virtual ownership of products and are useful while playing the game.

Cryptos have become a global product. There is no going back to the pre-crypto period. Industries across the world are now coming forward to use cryptos. There is much range of products and services. There are real-life items like video games, painting, and songs utilizing crypto payment at The Bitcoin Prime Website. Video games have a growing population addicted to the crypto transaction model.

There are many innovations undertaken in the crypto gaming world. Online games are utilizing cryptos to unlock characters, buy game products, and cosmetics.

The COVID 19 pandemic forced people to sit at home. Countries were on lockdown globally. While all the other industries faced the pressure of lockdown. The interest in online gaming boomed during this period. People found it easy to indulge in video games while sitting in the comfort of their homes. There was an all-time surge in online players. This interest boosted in-game purchases.

Crypto gaming and its growth

Unlike traditional games, crypto games are rewarding. There are tokens distributed into player wallets in the form of cryptos. In simple terms, you earn while playing. This is a reward for the time and effort invested in playing the game.

There is an increasing interest among investors to exchange virtual assets. This currency can in turn be used across many other platforms. The growing interest in crypto gaming is its ability to collect virtual assets. These virtual assets can be exchanged in the market and then traded in the open market.

How are online gaming and cryptocurrency connected?

If you are a game lover, then you must be aware of in-app purchases, advertising, and marketing. If you have played candy crush or any other popular games of such nature, then you must be aware of the token and coins. These tokens get added to your wallet. Crypto gaming follows a similar approach. In case of tokens added to your crypto gaming, these coins get added to a central ledger. Gamers can then use these coins to make online purchases.

Listed below are 05 online games for your study. These games enable you to earn cryptocurrency online –

Gods Unchained: This is a free online gaming platform. There is a combination of NFT components along with traditional gaming. Online players win the game by taking high-ranking cards from other players. The game was first launched in September 2020. The card as attained enables trade in the marketplace. This marketplace uses the Ethereum platform. Players can complete their transactions using Ethereum cryptos.

Sorare: If you are a soccer fan, then Sorare is your platform. As a player, you get to manage a virtual team. This online game also uses the Ethereum platform. Players get Ether tokens as prizes. Launched in 2018, this gaming platform uses Ether crypto. Ether is the second-ranked and most valued crypto after bitcoins.

Evolution land: This is an interesting online game. Players need to indulge in many activities. This ranges from construction and mining. Players need to create their own crypto account to send and receive crypto assets. There are credits of cryptocurrencies to players' accounts in the form of game rewards.

F1 Delta Time: This is another Ethereum based online game. Players need to assemble all components for the game. This includes drivers, cars, trinkets, etc. as a fungible token. These tokens can exchange to smaller divisible and buy crypto amounts. The other gaming components can be held as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These tokens can be converted into Ethereum tokens.

Zed Run: This is a horse-riding online game. Players need to buy NFTs to buy their preferred horse. On winning the game, players get large profits from the game. These profits can be traded as cryptocurrencies.

To conclude, let us also understand the future of online gaming. Online gaming will reach an all-time high market capitalization of $200 billion. People with an interest in online gaming and the crypto craze are slowly stepping into the NFT space.

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