What Are the Latest Trends in the Field of Telemedicine?

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Healthcare services are changing with the advent of technology. Nowadays, you don’t need to physically visit a doctor for consultation.

Most of the mundane tasks in the healthcare and medical field are done with the help of telecommunication or digital platforms. For example, you can book an online appointment with a doctor from the comfort of your home.

The year 2020 was a crucial year for the telemedicine field. As the entire world is struggling with Covid-19, telemedicine solutions are the only way to maintain social distance and get medical treatment at the same time.

Nearly 83% of people in the world prefer using telehealth technology. The telemedicine market is growing at a faster pace during the current pandemic. 

The market is expected to grow nearly four times in the 3 or 3 years with the growing demand for telemedicine solutions.

Latest Trends in Telemedicine:

With the advent of covid-19, the telemedicine market has evolved. Here are some of the latest telemedicine trends which are shaping the market in 2021. 

  • Digital Technology:

This is the biggest trend in the telemedicine market. While nearly every sector and industry is taking advantage of digital platforms, the healthcare industry lagged behind. However, due to lockdown and social distancing regulations, most healthcare companies are opting for digital solutions. They have increased their investment in the IT sector so that they can provide telemedicine services to people. It is safe to say that the healthcare sectors have finally opened up to digitalization. Even common doctors and medical professionals are using digital technology to provide medical facilities.

  • Rise of mHealth:

Mobile health or mHealth is the latest trend. It means using the mobile platform to monitor health and achieve health goals. Nowadays, most people are using healthcare or fitness apps on their phone to stay healthy. It helps them to monitor their current health, set goals and track their progress. The investment in mHealth is increasing day by day as most smartphone users prefer using fitness apps.

  • AI Technology:

Nowadays, patients can directly interact with doctors over online platforms. However, they can also interact with AI-powered technologies like chatbots to avail information. There are healthcare chatbots on various healthcare websites. They can provide you with basic information about symptoms, causes, treatment, medicines, etc. it not only saves time but provides an accurate diagnosis. 

  • AR/ VR Applications:

Patients can virtually visit the doctor with the help of AR/ VR applications. It is used for training new healthcare staff as well as educating people. Patients can simply use the app on their smartphone to virtually visit the doctor.

  • Advanced Technology:

With the advent of 5G technology, the telemedicine market is expanding globally. High-speed internet can solve communication problems as patients can easily contact the doctor and use high-tech healthcare apps with ease.

  • Remote Medical Services:

Most of the healthcare companies are providing remote medical services. They are using telemedicine technology to provide remote services to the clients. It helps them to expand their services by outsourcing them.

These are some of the latest trends in telemedicine. All these new trends are making healthcare services easily available all around the world.  

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