What are the Benefits of Having a Dedicated IP Address vs Shared IP?

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Deciding for anything takes time and can be confusing for many, especially when we’re talking about hosting a website that can turn out to be a revenue generating stream. Before you begin your journey, considering the right options for your hosting needs, there are multiple factors you’ll have to study.

While, at times, making complete senses of options can be difficult, it’s a process you have to go through, and we’re here to make it easier for you! While you’re doing your research, there’s one thing you will come across far more than often and that is dedicated IP hosting.

There’s a common misconception that you need a dedicated IP when hosting a website and that’s not true. Dedicated IP is optional, but you must know its benefits in case you decide to use it.

Before we begin to understand the benefits of a dedicated IP, it’s essential to learn what an IP address is, how shared and dedicated IP addresses differ, and finally the benefits of dedicated IP hosting.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address stands for Internet Protocol address which is a set of unique numbers that identify and set your computer apart from others on the internet. If you’re hosting a website, an IP address categorizes a server where your website data is stored.

The benefit of having a dedicated IP address for your website is that you can instantly access your website from anywhere in the globe by simply typing in your IP address. This means you have two ways of accessing your website, either through your website’s domain name or through the website’s dedicated IP address.

The reason why you have domain names instead of just IP addresses is thanks to the system known as Domain Name System. The DNS is like your contact list where you assign a name to each number. This helps in making things easier for everybody. However, when you’re typing in a web address it works the same as typing in an IP address.

What is a Shared IP Address?

Shared IP addresses are more popular than the Dedicated IP address. Basically, a shared IP address is in use by several different domains and that because not everyone needs a dedicated IP address.

When you’re using a shared IP address for your web hosting, you are mostly sharing the hardware of a server and its networking features with dozens of other users.

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

Dedicated, as the word goes, means exclusively for you. A dedicated IP address is an IP that is just for you. This means it’s not shared with any other person but you. A dedicated IP address gets assigned to your domain name, and when you type in that address, it’ll land you straight to your website.

Still, don’t get it? Think of the address as your house. Your house address being your IP address, whereas the house is your website. When you’re getting a domain name, some may come bundled with an IP address while for others, you can purchase a dedicated IP separately.

What’s the Difference between a Shared IP and Dedicated IP?

Now that you know what’s a shared IP and a Dedicated IP, it’s time we understand the difference between the two.

Shared IP and Dedicated IP address can be easily understood from a hosting perspective. Hosting companies offer both options, shared and dedicated IP addresses. With a shared hosting plan, you are simply renting a seat on a shared server setting which essentially means that you’ll have to share server resources (which may come with limits).

As you’re sharing a server with a range of different users, the costs will be low. However, the low cost means that you will get shared customer service and shared accessibility.

On the other hand, a dedicated hosting comes with its own benefits as it means you’re renting the entire server. A dedicated server comes with its perks as the server’s resources are maintained solely for you. While the costs of operating will be greater than a shared server, a Dedicated IP has its own benefits like more storage, better performance, increased bandwidth, and of course, enhanced security.

Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address?

Although the functionality of both the IP addresses is the same, using a dedicated IP address can prove to be advantageous for multiple reasons.

  • Instant Website Access

When launching a website, you continually make changes before you render a final version. A dedicated IP can prove to be beneficial by allowing you to see what it looks like before you launch the final version.

Additionally, you get improved speed times and instant access to your website from anywhere in the globe.

  • Necessary Requirement of Certain Apps/Widgets

Each website has a distinctive design and idea that goes in line with its business persona. If you’re running a website with unique characteristics, you’re probably going to need a dedicated server setup that can run specific scripts and applications which require dedicated IP address.

The thing with shared IP addresses is that they are universal, and almost all applications run smoothly.

  • Emails go straight in the Inbox

A dedicated IP is preferred among businesses that want to send out emails to their users and potential customers. That’s because a dedicated IP has better chances of landing your email in the inbox of your recipient.

On the other hand, if you’re running your website through a shared IP address, there are higher chances you will face issues when sending out emails. That’s because unlike a dedicated IP that hosts a solid reputation, different users have different purposes in shared IP addresses that may affect your set of business.

  • Better security

Since you’re in control, you can set up multiple security measures and ensure the utmost security of your website. As you’ll have direct server access, you can enjoy complete freedom and the ability to customize as you please.

If you’re looking for additional security, it’s highly recommended that you use a Dedicated IP VPN that will further strengthen your network security along with domain security, making your website unsusceptible to cyberattacks.

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