What a Good Desktop PC Could Do for You

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A well-made desktop computer is a wonderful device, capable of a variety of tasks. This article aims to explain exactly why a good, well-built desktop PC is preferable to a laptop alternative and will explain some of the tasks that are made easier for having one.

What Makes a Good Computer?

There are many, many things that make desktops better than laptops for use professionally. However, to truly understand why one is better than the other, you need to understand what exactly makes a computer good.

There are a number of aspects of a computer that contribute to their quality, but fundamentally the points that matter most are as follows:

  • Processor speed
  • Available memory
  • Storage space
  • Graphical quality

These aspects of your computer comprise the building blocks of the majority of tasks that you will complete with your computer, using various combinations for different tasks. Overall, each of these aspects is often better on a desktop than a laptop due to the simple fact that desktops are larger. You are able to fit more into a desktop, which means you can get far more functionality out of it than you would be able to get from a laptop.

Video Editing

One brilliant use of a dedicated desktop lies in the editing of videos. Because most desktops have both more RAM and better processors than their laptop cousins, they are far better suited to the world of video and audio editing. Both of these editing fields require heavy amounts of both RAM and processing power, and often any kind of extensive editing will prove far too much for any laptop not built for the purpose. However, dedicated desktop PCs often have enough RAM and processing power to get by with all but the most complex of video editing tasks.

Video Gaming

Playing games at any kind of enjoyable level is often very taxing on a laptop not specifically built for the purpose and, even when laptops are built for the purpose, playing high-end games often results in extreme overheating of the device that can come close to burning your fingers when you push the keys. This kind of overheating is one of the main reasons you should play games primarily on a desktop PC. Laptop cooling systems just aren’t sufficient to keep your system cool as you play intensive games.

Great Screen Recording

Recording your screen, like playing games, can cause quite a bit of stress on your system, and if you aren’t careful, you can burn through your processing power and leave your system overheating and underperforming. This is why any kind of screen recording is best done on a desktop PC.

Fast Working

Finally, more often than not, a desktop is going to be able to work much faster than a laptop of a comparable price. This is because the technology going into a desktop does not need to be compressed in order to be easily portable, and as a result, the cost of producing more effective technology is reduced for a stationary unit. Laptops are, generally, quite expensive, and that means affordable units aren’t going to be as effective as desktops of similar price.

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