Wondering how to unblock Netflix US service or how to download torrents in the safest way possible? Well, all this and much more can be done with the use of an efficient VPN service. A lot has been said about VPN providers over the past few years (all good things!). However, still a large number of Internet users don’t actively use VPNs for their day-to-day internet browsing needs. Let’s go over some good reasons that make VPNs an automatic choice for any smart internet user.

They protect your privacy on the Internet

It’s not just the hackers, copyright trolls and ISPs can also easily track the apps you use and the websites you visit each day. All your browsing activity can be instantly traced down to your IP address. When you use a VPN, it masks your IP address and shows a different IP address (of the VPN service) to all such eavesdroppers.


They allow you to access the banned websites

ISPs in some countries ban citizens from accessing certain types of websites, for instance, in China they have Great Firewall which blocks all popular portals like YouTube, Twitter, Google and Facebook. On the other hand, in UK you cannot access torrent websites like KickAss, The Pirate Bay and the likes. Similarly, workplaces and schools also restrict their students from accessing social media websites for all kinds of reasons.

In all these cases, the use of an efficient VPN service can help you bypass any Internet censorship and visit any website you like.

VPNs make anonymous download of torrents possible

When you download any files using P2P sharing clients like Bittorrent, uTorrent etc., your IP address automatically gets added to the torrent’s swarm. All users who are downloading or uploading the shared file have their respective IP addresses added to the swarm as well. That’s how peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol works actually. However, what it also means is that any copyright protection agency can trace your IP address and get hold of you. Using a VPN service enables you to hide your real IP address, so you can download any torrent you like, anonymously.

They facilitate safe usage of public Wi-Fi hotspots

Public Wi-Fi hotspots at places like hospitals, colleges, airports, restaurants etc. offer a lot of convenience as they help you easily browse Internet on the go. However, the free availability of all these Wi-Fi hotspots also makes them vulnerable to hacking attempts. As these networks aren’t very secure, they become easy targets for cyber criminals. By using a VPN connection on your smart phone or laptop, you can prevent hackers from reaching your device through any such Wi-Fi networks.


With VPNs you can bypass any geographic restriction

It’s commonplace to get geolocation errors every now and then if you try watching certain streaming channels on the Internet. This is referred to as geo-blocking and is a phenomenon well-known to expats during their foreign travels. For instance, you can watch Netflix US only in the US, BBC iPlayer only in UK and Hulu again only in the US. When you use a VPN, you can geo-spoof your location and access all such geo-restricted channels from different parts of the world.