Vodafone scraps roaming charges

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Vodafone have made a landmark move in scrapping the roaming charges across Europe. This change will take effect from June and will be a 3 month trial initially.

All Vodafone Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly customers will benefit from the change as long as they have opted into the network’s free Vodafone Passport scheme.

If you are a Vodafone customer, but haven’t yet signed up to Passport you can do so for free from tomorrow, simply by texting the word ‘Passport’ to 97888 if you pay monthly or to 2345 if you use Pay as you go , or you can visit vodafone.co.uk/roaming.

Roaming charges have been the bane of frequent travellers for many years due to the potential to rack up excessive phone bills. Therefore the move could see Vodafone win over a considerable amount of customers. For regular travellers abroad this could be an huge saving on mobile bills. Vodafone have provided a table below showing some examples of roaming charges.

Unfortunately, data use abroad is still subject to roaming charges.


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