Vital factors for making a quality e-commerce website

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The side hustle is an increasingly popular way to make some extra cash without taking the risk of becoming fully self-employed. For some, the idea of trying to make it their own is an attractive one, but for many, it's a case of simply making sure that the bills are paid, and family are looked after, which is always best achieved through the security and steady income of a full-time job.

There's a lot of sense in starting a side hustle, especially when it's now more possible than ever to set this up inexpensively, without compromising the security of your steady income from the day job. E-commerce is one of the most popular choices for side hustles and can be a fantastic source of extra income, in some cases even allowing people to leave their full-time job.

These are two important things to remember and apply to the building of a website for your new business:

  1. Synchronise the mobile and desktop versions of your website

It's absolutely vital that your website's mobile-orientated version, as well as the desktop version, are both formatted well and easy to use. Customers are increasingly buying things on the go, so it's more important than ever that the mobile site isn't neglected.

Businesses can achieve this by using a mobile-first website builder that facilitates the building of a multi-platform site through your smartphone, rather than necessarily having to use a desktop PC.

51.3% of web traffic is now coming from mobile phones with it being predicted that there will be 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2019, which is staggering considering that internet usage is already higher on smartphones than on desktops. This means that a mobile-first website editor that allows you to edit both the mobile and desktop versions of your website, while on the move, is a great way to embrace the future direction of e-commerce.

The use of a site builder that lets those with a side hustle to make a website across several platforms saves massively on cost. Often the case in the past was that you'd have to pay a web designer, but being able to design on multiple platforms for multiple platforms allows you time to save the money, as well as a significant amount of development time.

  1. Fully integrate your website with social media

Customers prefer to shop online at a store located on an official website due to worries over legitimacy. It's convenient to set up an online shop on a social media platform, so it can be a fantastic way to sell wares and build up trust from customers — who might be more likely to buy from your store if it's on a trusted website that they already use.

It's vital for the success of a side hustle that the website is created and used alongside social media, and then synchronised to make sure that customers can begin to build brand recognition between the business and the social media page. It's essential to have an easily recognisable website name that relates to your business, so use a domain check to ensure that the site is clearly described and easy to remember while ensuring that the social media also carries the same name and logo.

Being able to use a web editor that lets you rapidly transfer information about your business on to social media is vital, and has the potential to make the difference in driving up traffic to your website as well as increasing overall sales.

As smartphones continue to have a drastic impact on just about everything, consider how a mobile web editor can help you to launch your e-commerce business.

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