Video Selling: A Concept Your Sales Team Needs To Nail Now! Read On To Know More

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If you talk to your sales team, they are bound to harp ecstatic about how many different marketing avenues have opened up in the last few years. No more than a few decades ago, physical marketing was the only way you could put out the word regarding your product.

Very gradually, this changed to advertising on television, and now, social media marketing is all the rage. Marketing via text is passé; video selling is the way to go now.

However, your sales team will also tell you that the amount of competition in the video marketing world is immense. Whether it is on video sharing websites or social media, every brand with access to free video editing software can create professional-looking videos with relative ease and post them to scores of followers and social media users to promote their brand.

With many brands competing for the same user base, competition can often get really brutal. Nailing video marketing is not easy, but also not impossible. All you need is the right strategy and a plan that is systematic and capable of succeeding.

Here are a few tips to enable your sales team to ace video marketing.

Create a Schedule

You might create great videos that look professional and can draw scores of customers simply through their content. However, these videos will be of no use if they do not reach the customer base that they are meant for. Every brand and product has a distinct user base with different social media habits.

Your video must pop up on the stream of the most significant number of potential customers at just the right point in time. For this, you need to create an effective posting schedule, creating posts at regular intervals of time, increasing frequency during peak hours, and reducing it during lean hours.

Include How-To Videos

Mainly if your product requires an explanation of how to use it, it is best to create a video explaining to prospective customers. Such videos fulfill a dual purpose. They don't just act as explainer videos to people looking forward to buying your product, but also as advertisements to those who might not know much about it.

For people who have apprehensions about what you have made and are not sure whether they'll use it, such videos allay doubts and increase their confidence in your brand.

Keep It Short

It can be enticing to use all the cinematic license you have and treat the video you are making like a canvas for your thoughts. However, it is essential to remember that most people decide on watching a video even before they have clicked on it, depending on the length of the video.

Too long a video can be a turn off for most people, who might choose not to watch it even if it has the most interesting title and an exciting topic. A long video can be a severe detriment to your video marketing strategy.

Showcase Brand Ethos

Making videos works significantly better than text content in communicating to prospective customers what your brand is all about. The values that your brand stands for can be best showcased through video content, either implicitly or by laying them out in the video.

It is essential for you to explain to your customers how you are different from other brands in your domain and why they must choose you. Customers need to believe your message, and they will choose you over even more economical options.

Crowdsource Your Content

Crowdsourcing content for a video that reaches thousands of people can often be a good idea. Not only will you have the voices of real people talking about your brand, but your call for content will also generate a serious amount of publicity.

Crowdsourced content is generally testimonies and stories of people who used your product and were positively impacted by it. Alternatively, you can even start a campaign to encourage people to post videos using your product, allowing you to reshare these videos. This can generate a large amount of positive buzz on social media.

The All-Important C2A

Calls to action are the most important part of any video that you put out as a brand. After your prospective customers have watched the video to the end, they need to be told what to do.

You might want to redirect them to a place where they can get to know more about your brand or simply to a link where they can purchase your product. A video without a call to action is no more than a lost opportunity. The more your video is watched, the more the probability that the call to action is heeded.

Never Forget SEO

For any marketing content, the main aim is longevity. You don't simply want your content to be viewed for the few hours after it is released, but for it to be searchable and long-remembered. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

The descriptions and title of your video need to have keywords that make it more searchable on Google. Since Google indexes YouTube videos, your video must have all the appropriate metadata that brings it to the top of the results when any related term is searched.

Use Advanced Analytics

Data analytics is no longer the new field it once was. Brands are using data analytics to quantify the success of various domains in their firm, including sales and marketing. All the data generated by every video you post needs to be indexed appropriately and analyzed for effectiveness.

Data metrics can be critical in helping you realize where a particular video did well and where it went wrong, thereby allowing you to improve your marketing strategy in further iterations. All major social media and video sharing websites allow authors to download detailed data across a number of metrics for their videos, which is really convenient when you are posting multiple videos every week.


Video marketing is no longer just the future of selling but the present. Brands can use a number of free video software to cut down on video creation time while retaining the quality and improve sales and familiarity among prospective users.

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