Verbatim Store ‘n Go Plus: Rugged keychain thumbdrive

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Verbatim-Store-n-Go-PlusThumb drives maybe going out of fashion for some people but they still are very handy, especially if you carry one with you all the time, allowing you to easily share files (legally), and backup work date without worrying about an internet connection.

Unfortunately it is too easy to lose drives, we have lost hundreds of promo usbs (we do love a free things though) and drives such as the LaCie iamaKey is too easy to damage as the connection part isn't protected very well. Verbatim's Store ‘n Go Plus drives avoid all these issues with a handy rubber cover protecting your drive from anything it may encounter in your bag/pocket.

These thumb drives range from 4GB on up to 32 GB and should be released this quater starting from about £15

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