VAVA Dual Driver Earphone Review

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Following my review of the excellent 1MORE dual driver earphones, I noticed a pair of cheap dual drivers on Amazon that were getting good reviews. Priced at £20.99 the VAVA earphones are 20% the cost of the 1MORE and cheaper than the frequently recommended SoundMAGIC E10.

The VAVA earphones are quite similar in design to the 1MORE pair but have a cheaper build, the cable is plastic and the metal casing is less weighty. They are also a little smaller. Comfort is excellent, I have had no issues with them falling out of my ears, much better than the SoundMAGIC pair I have, and the reduced weight should make them better than the 1MORE pair.

You get a basic set of replacement tips, small medium and large, and the packaging of them is also quite basic. They need to keep the costs down somehow though.

In terms of performance, I was pleasantly surprised. I tested them using my LG V20 which has a quad DAC and is generally regarded as the best phone available for its wired audio. They VAVA earphones are quite loud compared to the 1MORE pair, and they are not as well balanced. The highs can be a little sharp, but then the bass can sometimes be a little overbearing. But in general, they perform very well for a pair of earphones at this price. I would say they sit somewhere in the middle of the 1MORE dual drivers and the SoundMAGIC both of which cost considerably more.

It is too early to tell how they will perform in the durability stakes, and the included controller on the cable means I will probably avoid using these in the gym.

Overall, I have a tendency to destroy all my earphones, either due to poor build quality or my clumsiness snagging cables. Or both. Priced at twenty quid I wouldn’t even care if these broke after 6 months, and once my 1MORE due, I will likely use these as my main daily pair.

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  1. This is a great review!It’s great to see products at a more affordable price as they sometimes get forgotten in reviews, but for some people a lower range is exactly what they want so it’s good to get an independent review. Comparing it to a top of the range pair is a great way for people to know where the product stands!


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