V by Vodafone: Track your Car, Pets and Valuables

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Vodafone has released 4 new connected devices as part of their  V by Vodafone range. I have already reviewed the excellent Arlo Go that is available but there are 3 other devices in the range which allow you to track all the important things in your life.

The range currently includes the V-Pet (£50 upfront), V-Bag (£59 upfront), V-Auto (£80 upfront) and V-Camera (£339 upfront). Each device is connected to the Vodafone network with a dedicated V-Sim, SIM card by Vodafone.

The Kippy Vita (V-Pet) which costs £50 with a £4 per month V-Pet service fee allows you to track your pet via GPS and set alerts for when he/she wanders off. The device can also tell you how much time your pet has spent playing, exercising and sleeping. It will also send you alerts via the Vodafone V app if your pet is less active than normal or hasn’t met its daily walking goal.

The Alcatel (V-Bag) which costs £59 with a £4 per month V-Bag service fee provides live GPS tracking of valuables and is made to be durable water and dust-resistant. This would be a great device for regular flyers or parents wanting to keep track of their child.

Lastly, there is the V-Auto which costs £59  with a £4 per month V-Auto service fee. This plugs into your cars ODB and can be used to automatically send notifications in the event of an accident to trained agents in the event of a collision, who’ll call and arrange help if needed. You can also use an app to accurately locate your car, or find how safe you and your loved ones drive with Driver Safety Score

You can buy the new tracking products from the dedicated V by Vodafone site here.


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