Using INSTAGRAM to generate Ecommerce sales

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Any online store owner realizes the importance of Instagram to get sales.

Today, 93% of purchasing decisions will be based on visual appearance and 52% of customers if they find a bad aesthetic, they won´t go back to the store and, much less, they would buy.

If you are looking for a tool focused on the visual field, which is very attractive for potential customers of your online store, bet on Instagram Sales. You just have to see the numbers:

  • The brands that bet on Instagram reach 100% of its followers. Meanwhile, in Facebook, brands reach a scarce 6% of their followers, each time they reach a publication.
  • Instagram gets 58 times more interactions with its followers than Facebook.
  • Instagram has increased 115% in search engines since 2012, meanwhile, Facebook has fallen 63%.
  • Even Twitter -which was adored by marketing experts- fails to create interactions with followers.

How do you benefit from Instagram´s strengths?

  1. Create a “well done” profile.

Your online store account must be separate from your personal Instagram account. So, we can organize it in a better way. Two elements are going to be the key:

  1. Profite photo. If your company has a logo, this should be your profile image. If you don´t have a logo, it´s time to design one that you can use on all channels. And, of course, the image should not be blurry and should be readable, to get the desired image of the company.
  2. BIO. This is the ideal place to achieve our purpose: THAT OUR CLIENTS BUY.

Think what you want the clients to do and the bio will facilitate that step.

You can even include links so that users can go directly to your web and buy.

  • Share the appropriate photos.

A client will follow you taking into account your bio, your brand and your last 9 pics.

That is the reason why it is so important to choose the most recommended photos to strengthen the brand.

  • Only quality images.

The difference between a quality image and another that isn´t: three times more likely to make an online purchase.

Therefore, bet for good lighting, know the best angles and use your smarthphone (you can use applications like VSCOCam or ACola Story, to achieve a professional result). Your photos should show a certain context, to get the customer to be inspired and buy your products.

  • Clear and direct photos of your products.
  1. Bet on INSTAGRAM. The hashtags will help you categorize your content and your audience. Thanks to hashtags, no matter what bands, potential customers will find your product. Don´t forget that hashtags should be relevant to your brand. Uses between 3/5 hashtags per published photo.
  2. Share unique discount codes.
  3. Collaborate with influencers. This increases your number of followers, the interaction grows and you will sell more products. When choosing an influencer, this must have a public very similar to yours.
  4. Our happy customers. Upload photos of your customers wearing or using your products. They will be the best ambassadors of your brand and increase the loyalty of your followers.

Now is the time to follow these tips, monitor the results and adjust your marketing strategy based on your potential audience.
And, remember, the results are NOT achieved immediately.


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