Use the Company’s Vehicle Fleet to Full Extent

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The smart use of all vehicles from the company fleet – no matter if cars, trucks or commercial vehicles – offer many advantages for these companies. Next to a lower tax burden, a smart fleet management system cuts costs by streamlining all implemented management procedures. Moreover, it substantially contributes to an optimal capacity utilization. To guarantee a timely delivery and a rapid (re)availability of the vehicles, efficient processes need to be designed and implemented in everyday business to always deliver first-class service.  A smart fleet management system may tip the scales here.

Telematics is based on the gathering of data and the transfer of information between the respective vehicle and the corporate headquarters.  Continuous updates regarding the traffic situation and cutting-edge technology help to avoid congestion, but also assists the fleet manager in developing the optimum traffic routes so that all vehicles reach their target as quickly as possible.

How does it work and how effective is it?

Smart fleet management relies heavily on GPS technology in order to know where all the vehicles within a fleet are in real time. These insights are invaluable for logistics managers. This technology also allows companies to monitor metrics such as average speed and fuel efficiency. With the amount of freight being moved around by trucks at an all-time high this technology has been very heavily demanded, in the US alone they’ve seen a growth of 36.6% year on year when it comes to freight. Some of the benefits of smart fleet technology include:

•           Monitoring the behaviour of drivers

•           Fuel efficiency

•           Analytics of the fleet

•           Average speed

•           Safety metrics

Many large trucking manufacturers such as Volvo, Scania and many more have started to implement this technology in their fleets. Not only does this benefit them with the fuel efficiency of their trucks, but it is also beneficial for hauliers as they are fantastic when it comes to reducing business costs and increasing profit. It is also perfect for haulage firms due to the ability to track where trailers are at any one time, allowing for logistics managers to be able to locate a vacant trailer and assign it to a driver. The GPS information will also tell the said driver where the trailer exactly is. These navigation benefits save a lot of time.

Another benefit is that the Telematics data connected can allow for a malfunction with your vehicle to be diagnosed remotely by a service centre and from there appropriate steps can be made in regard to getting that driver back on the road. This means that money and time being wasted waiting for roadside assistance could be negated by giving the driver steps on how to fix the issue.


For modern companies who intend to save both time and money, but nonetheless wanting to act sustainably, a smart fleet management system based on the technology of telematics may be a perfect solution. If you as a company want to take advantage of all these favourable features, visit – a high-tech company specialised in developing pioneering solutions in smart fleet technology. It is a worthwhile investment and allows you to make more informed business decisions.