How to use royalty-free music to make your podcast stand out from the crowd

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Having a podcast can be a huge boost to your  business or personal brand. However there are over 400,000 podcasts (and growing) that are your competition in the marketplace. And this is before you even consider the competition with other entertainment media such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime video and other online streaming sites.  

The truth is, that even with the most insightful and interesting verbal content you need to find a way to get listeners to your podcast episodes, and more importantly, once they are there, keep them and convert them to loyal listeners. The way to do this is through background music, and it is easier than you think to find the right music to compliment the theme of your podcast.

By applying royalty-free music behind the speech elements you can invoke in your listener the true feeling behind the words, whether you are looking to introduce a little drama or want to give the impression of motion or calm. Free background music can make your content more engaging and create emotional connections with the audience that will boost your number of loyal listeners. In fact, can you recall the last time you listened to a good podcast that did not have some form of background music? Probably not.

Developing a podcast is hard work and hugely rewarding

Podcasting requires effort and dedication. You need to be on top of each episode, planning ahead and developing concepts and ideas ahead of time. It takes preparation, skill and a knowledge of technology and social media.

You have to manage recording, editing, arranging guest speakers and creating a trailer that will draw in the listeners that you rely on. It is also important to pay special attention to the background music, especially for the intro sequence and the trailer. You need to find non-copyrighted music that is of high quality and fits well with both the theme and the audience.

This is a lot of work, but can be hugely rewarding. As a business if you successfully engage with your customers and followers you will have a loyal fan base that can really boost your exposure. It is from there that you can begin to monetise your podcast through sponsorships, partnerships and customer engagement. Get it wrong and you could potentially waste a lot of time, effort and money.

It is important not to leave out the final piece of the puzzle that will make the show complete. Appropriate non-copyrighted background music.

Why having background music is so important

We are all well used to hearing background music in movies, television shows, advertisements and video games. It really enhances the whole piece through engaging multiple senses. This is particularly effective in horror films for example. There are some very famous pieces of music behind the most suspenseful scenes, that simply would not have the same impact without it. Music for games is exactly the same. There can be scene after scene with no dialogue, just the player and the on screen character. To sit in silence would just be bizarre.

The same should apply for your podcast, and like many videos and games you can source royalty-free music the same way.

The other benefit is by having a theme tune, you make your podcast instantly recognisable from the opening bars of the recording. Your listener knows there are in exactly the right place, and should they hear a trailer they will know instantly that it is you. The human ear is particularly attuned to music, often more so than a particular voice.

The other reason it is so important is that the different themes of background music can really help you to take your listeners on a journey and give the emotional highs and lows that a journey can bring. And give them a reason to come back to you. Everyone loves a good storyteller.

You do not have to worry about royalties or being musical

So how do you do it? You are already spending time learning the technology to record and edit, arranging content and scripts, lining up guests and interview questions. And because consistency is key and you need to deliver one a week to maintain the audience it can feel there is not enough time as it is, without then throwing in the ability to know and make good music.

The good news is, you do not have to, you can leave it to the experts. For example Patrick de Arteaga offers a huge range of royalty-free background music that covers every eventuality in a format that can easily be looped and merged into the background of the podcast.

And no need to worry about the legalities of copyright infringement or paying of royalties to the composer and producers. These pieces of music are copyright free, and usually just need some sort of credit to be given instead. It is ideal for any busy podcast producer.

There is a huge amount of choice for every genre and mood


The difficult part will be making a choice from the hundreds available. You need to have a think about what mood you are trying to convey. What do you want people to feel when they are listening to the podcast, or a particular part of the podcast. A you trying to making them gripped with curiosity or make them laugh? Are you trying to keep the listener upbeat, or make them feel the tragedy of a situation.


Once you know the mood you can start to think about the style. Listen to some of the no copyright music tracks and choose the one you like. There will be many types of instruments used that can give a different feel to the piece.  You can be as creative as you want in choosing the background music.


And why stop there, if you are branching into other forms of media you can use the free background music there also. Creating videos for the internet, or perhaps even in gaming app development. There is a huge amount of music for games, music for videos and music for podcasts and radio available.

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