UMI In-Ear Sport Wireless Earbuds Review

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Amazon seems to have a new brand selling earphones every day, and the latest we have been sent are the UMI Wireless In-Ear Sports Earbuds which sell for a nice affordable price of £18.95.

Design wise they are very similar to other wireless sports headphones on Amazon and quite similar to the Syncwire one’s I previously reviewed. The UMI’s are more attractive, though, and feature magnets in the earphones which connect together.

They work almost exactly like every other Bluetooth earphone I have used, you hold down on the play button, connect your phone and listen to your music.

Comfort was decent and when running I didn’t find they would fall out too much, the controller didn’t seem to bounce as much as the Sudio Vasa ones I reviewed.

Sound quality was similar to the Syncwires. For the price, they are good and more than acceptable for sports usage.

Overall, for just short of £20 these are decent Bluetooth earphones and will work great with the new iPhone 7.

2 thoughts on “UMI In-Ear Sport Wireless Earbuds Review”

  1. These look like a great new product on the market. Wireless earphones are increasingly becoming popular, and no wonder why. They’re such a practical and functional design that makes you wonder how we did without them for all these years!

  2. I really like these in ear wireless ear buds! Have you guys tried Phonaudio headphones? They are stylish, smart and simple pair of headphones.


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