Thanks to Cloud software, getting online from anywhere in the UK is easier than ever before. However, there are still parts of the country missing out on a reliable connection. Rural areas are the ones suffering the most. The good news is, developments are being made all the time to increase the amount of Internet access throughout the UK. If you haven’t yet made use of mobile broadband, can help.

Interesting statistics
The Office for National Statistics published data in 2013 on the UK’s Internet access. It found that around 36 million adults used the Internet on a daily basis. This is quite a significant increase from 20 million people in 2006. The rise in mobile usage has also seen a significant shift from 2010 to 2013, up from 24% to 53%. A whopping 83% of households also have access at home. It appears the majority of people do have access to a regular connection. So, who exactly is missing out?

Rural broadband is still an issue
While access to the Internet has improved in rural areas, there’s still a long way to go before every home in the UK can benefit from the online world. If you’re having problems getting online then satellite broadband could be just what you need. Tech Radar recently published an article discussing the benefits of satellite broadband for those living in current black spots.

Satellite broadband works in a similar way to Sky TV. You’ll need a dish to receive the satellite signal. It technically doesn’t matter where in the UK you live; you should still be able to get Internet access.

Satellite broadband isn’t new. It’s been delivering Internet access to rural areas for years. Those who particularly benefit are workers on oil rigs and other offshore applications.

Cloud software
The most exciting development in the sector has been Cloud software. It enables you to access your documents no matter where you are. This has been particularly useful for businesses. It’s commonly referred to as Cloud computing.

The Cloud also provides Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the UK. Typically found in major cities, it’s also available in many towns too. You can even search the company's website to locate your nearest hotspot. Cloud Internet has made it easier to stay connected while you’re travelling. You can even connect while you’re travelling on the train. This again has benefitted both business users and consumers – need to get that important document emailed to your boss right away? With reliable mobile Internet this is easier than ever before.

The UK might not be fully covered, but solutions are being introduced all the time. The main groups of people missing out on the Internet are the elderly and the disabled. While improvements have been made, more help is needed to get these groups online.

Overall the Cloud has had a big impact on helping people to stay connected on the move. Compared to many other countries, the UK has one of the best rates of online connections.

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