scott_the_pirate Much to the displeasure of the music industry Intellectual Property Minister, David Lammy, has announced that the government has ruled out disconnecting users from the Internet who have been warned for sharing music illegally over P2P.

Complex legal issues have apparently deemed it all but impossible and the fact that ISPs and the music industry can't agree on how to stem the tide means that alternative avenues will have to be explored.

Seven million UK Internet users share files illegally each year and many of these will have received a letter from an ISP, who were charged with sending 1000 per week for three months last year to try and scare people off.

Mr. Lammy has stated there is a difference between organised piracy and a child downloading a few songs.

We can't have a system where we're talking about arresting teenagers in their bedrooms. People can rent a room in a hotel and leave with a bar of soap – there's a big difference between leaving with a bar of soap and leaving with the television.

The Music Industry has responded saying:

“The relative cost of stealing a bar of soap from an hotel might be small, but if it came to seven million people nicking the soap each year, which is what we have in the music industry, I'm sure that hotel chain would do something about it.”

The music industry believe illegal downloaders are costing the industry £180m per year.

Personally I think the music industry has profited and exploited the consumer far to long and while I am sure they are losing out on some money I very much doubt it is as bad as they say. The £180m assumes that the downloads are a lost sale when I am pretty sure people would be far more conservative if they had to pay for the downloads.

The music industry needs to change with the times and embrace downloads and charge are fair amount for the music.