You can be excused for getting caught up in the TV pandemonium. With so many now on offer it is extremely hard to differentiate and ultimately get the best suited television. For sport nuts your TV is hugely important, you want to get as close to the action without actually being there, so you do need to get your TV spot on. Below are some of the best TVs for sport aficionados.

LG 55LB7200

This 55inch behemoth of a television is ideal for any sports fan. The IPS panel makes for enriched picture quality. Motion blur is a thing of the past with this LG TV meaning that you can watch Betfair’s NBA favourites Miami Heat and LeBron James in the highest of definition, while its cinema screen design allows for almost frameless viewing. For fast pace, high octane sport, such as basketball, the LG 55LB7200 is ideal.

Samsung UN65H8000

This curved 4K television is ideal for football fans. The 3D TV has some of the best contrasts available, meaning you will easily be able to differentiate between Betfair’s favourites, Man City, and the hallowed green turf they play on, all thanks to their innovative true local dimming. As for 3D, it is one that you can really immerse yourself into and get a real feel for the ebb and flow of the game. The UN65H8000’s curved screen means that you should be able to sit anywhere and still get a clear view of the game. Gorgeous colours, non-existent lag and a touch pad remote control; the Samsung UN65H8000 is the holy grail of televisions and one that you would have many a happy memory with.

Toshiba 55L6200U

A very clever TV and one that isn’t going to cost you and arm and a leg, the Toshiba is perfect for hard-hitting contact sports. The anti-judder feature in the TV reduces a significant amount of background blur and improves the picture no-end – most notably when watching HD sport. The television also has adequate 3D capabilities, if that is what you are after. If you are a big rugby or American Football fan than this TV is the perfect model to sit back and watch how your Betfair bets play out.

Panasonic TC-965ZT60

Plasma screens have always been Panasonic’s forte and the TC-965ZT60 is certainly plasma at its best. Rave reviews have flooded in for the current jewel in the Panasonic crown, with many lauding its sub-field drive which does a fantastic job in keeping fast-motion sports look solid on the screen, rather than blurry. The anti-glare filter is one of the best in the market nowadays and its Infinite Black Pro helps give the TV an absolutely splendid contrast. If any TV can handle live Ice Hockey then it’s the TC-965ZT60, just hopefully you don’t put your remote through the screen when your bet on the Boston Bruins doesn’t come in with Betfair.


Like a dog, a TV is very much for life. If you are willing to part with a decent amount of money then not only will you get an extremely good television, you will get a television that should last for some time.

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