Trendhim: Danish successful entrepreneurs

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Trendhim, a fashion company built with Danish entrepreneur skills.

We all have ideas and big dreams about what we want to achieve in life. However, not everything is based on having a good idea, it has to be put it into practice.

Not everyone dares to take this big step due to the pressure and expectations that both society and oneself. Will I be able to achieve it? What if I fail? These are some of the questions that run through the head of young entrepreneurs.

Fear of failure is one of the factors that affect young people the most when it comes to fulfilling their dreams and achieving their goals. Starting is the most difficult part, for that reason, you always have to have the same idea in mind, when starting nothing can go wrong, we are as low as we can ever be. The only way is up.

If you have a dream, a goal, an out-of-the-ordinary idea – something that not “everyone” can do, you are in the right place, this story will inspire you to bet on your own dreams.

I have a good idea. Now what?

At 18, we are all full of energyideas, and projects we want to carry out. We have that idea we believe can make us millionaires, but we do not know how or from where we should start. If this is your case, do not worry, this happens to everyone.

If we look back at 2007, nothing more and nothing less than 10 years ago, we meet Mikkel Andersen and Sebastian Petersen, two young men of just 18 years old that just left high school and without a clear idea of what they wanted to make. They were probably a little naive, they wanted to reach their dreams that did not know where to start, nor did they have that unique and exceptional idea.

They liked bread very much and thought they could set up a bread delivery service on Saturdays and Sundays. But let's face it, do you imagine two 18-year-old teenagers delivering bread at 4 o'clock voluntarily? Hard to imagine, right? Well, if it's hard for you to imagine, imagine for them.

Since motivation is the engine that drives the world, and also the mind of young entrepreneurs, leaving behind the idea of waking up early, Trendhim was born.

As its own name indicates, Trendhim is nothing less than trends for men. That was their brilliant idea, to end one of the problems they suffered themselves: finding accessories for men.

They already had the idea, now they just had to put it into practice. So, they decided that after finishing school, they would leave their jobs, leave their family home and devote themselves in body and soul to make out of their business something incredible, something that looking back on time, would be able to make them proud.

They were afraid, just like any other entrepreneur. Their lack of experience made them doubt whether or not they would succeed in this business. So, after thinking day after day, they decided that “yes – this is something we want!” At this moment, there was no going back, they did not care about other's negative opinion, or whoever believed in them. They had to trust their instincts.

They sat down to make some calculations and realized that the first thing they had to do was saving money. To set up a business you need a lot of money, and since money does not come from under the stones they had to find alternative jobs that would allow them to save enough money to devote themselves in body and soul to Trendhim.

From the idea to reality

The idea of their own online store was a result of the desire Mikkel and Sebastian had to create their own personal style. In most of men's websites, the main focus was clothing – not accessories. They saw this as a unique opportunity to create something great. Something different, never seen before.

Everything began in a small apartment where they lived, worked and carried out everything related to their business: packaging, production, marketing, etc. Working during the first few years around 16-18 hours a day.

“The first three years were tough – all the resources we needed were a challenge for us because of our low budget.” – says Sebastian.

Three years later, the hard work finally gave results: Trendhim became a reality – it was no longer just a dream. Finally, they could start selling all the accessories they have always dreamed of: men bracelets, handbags, pocket squares and many other accessories for men.

Not everything is pink

Setting up your own business implies facing many challenges. But without any doubt, the most difficult thing for Trendhim's entrepreneurs was not receiving the support they needed to move forward.

“Our families took advantage of every opportunity they had to remind us how good it is to have an education to rely on, in case our business did not work as we expected” says Mikkel Andersen. Finally, people realized that they were determined to make a success out of Trendhim – no matter how much they warned them that it could fail.

Starting a business is difficult, according to Mikkel – “If someone had warned us that we would have to work 16 hours a day 7 days a week, invest around 14,000 euros and give away most of our lives for 2 years, our expectations about starting a business would have been different. But when you have an energetic and adventurous spirit, nothing can stop you.”

Ten Years Later

Today 10 years have passed since the Trendhim was created. What began with two employees, today has grown to more than 50. From having two product categories, they now have 19. From being present in a single country, they have grown to have a presence in more than 19.

Bets like Mikkel and Sebastian may seem frightening at first sight, but when you realize how they slowly manage to experience success, motivation keeps growing. Trendhim founders have three tips they would like to share with everyone who is in their same situation:

  1. If you want to do it – do it!
  2. Do not let others tell you what you can and cannot do – nothing is unattainable.
  3. Work hard and work smart.



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