Transcend StoreJet 100 USB 3.0 Hard Drive Review

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My second Transcend hard drive review for the week, this time we have the StoreJet 100 for Mac which is a 2TB USB 3.0 mechanical exceptional hard drive that has Mac specific features including support for Time Machine and HFS+ file system.

The unit itself is quite attractive as far as external HDs go, it is enclosed in a slip-resistant silicone material and the HD is reinforced by an internal hard drive suspension damper, giving you maximum shock-absorption. Transcend claim the drive meets rigorous U.S. military drop-test standards so you should be safe lugging it around in whatever bag you own.

Similar to the ESD400K reviewed previously, this drive comes with one touch.

2TB is the current maximum storage for USB powered drives  and you should be able to store up to 512 hours of Full HD video, over 32,000 hours of digital music, or over 960,000 high resolution digital images. Which should be plenty for even the most data hungry users.

The drive comes with USB3.0 which should help offer improved speeds, and during my tests its sequential speed for read and write was about 120 MB/s which is more than adequate for most people. Small file transfer dropped in speed as expected with an average 103 MB/s read and 119 MB/s write.

At the moment you can buy the StoreJet 100 for £99.99 on Amazon, which is not an unreasonably price, in comparison Transcends own Storejet 25M3 is £83 and the Samsung M3 is £80. The StoreJet 100 has only just been released so this is  probably why it costs a premium over the other drives.

Overall you won't be disappointed with this drive, but if you are on the lookout for a new drive I'd be tempted with the Storejet 25M3, it is currently £17 cheaper and performs nearly as well according to other on-line reviews. The £3 premium of the 25M3 over the Samsung M3 is probably worth it for the increased shock protection.

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