TP-LINK Groovi Speaker Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Mini-Review

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I have featured several mini Bluetooth speakers in the past, all with admirable performance based on their price. Today I have another new one, the TP-LINK Groovi Ripple Portable which is available from Amazon for just £24.99

The TP-LINK Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker features:

  • High quality audio performance
  • Adjustable angle for better music experience
  • Larger sound driver – >65dB signal to noise ratio
  • Pocket size with adjustable handle – 4.1 x 3.7 x 1.5 in (103 x 94 x 37mm), 175g
  • Up to 4 hours playing time
  • Bluetooth wireless range up to 20 meters

As with all Bluetooth devices nowadays, set up is super simple, just do a long press on the power, search for the device on your phone and connect.

In terms of performance, based on its price and diminutive size, it does pretty well. Volume is decent and sound quality is acceptable. It is good for camping trips or trips to the beach where lugging around a big speaker is a pain. Though due to its size, the volume isn’t that great, so it won’t be big enough for a big party or anything.

Battery life is OK but not great, getting around 4+ hours of use out of it, so you may struggle to keep it going if you have a prolonged trip, though charging it is quite simple with a MicroUSB.

Overall, for the price this is a decent speaker, it is smaller and lighter than many others I have tested, but you sacrifice a little volume and battery life for it.

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