Toshiba Tablet : Android 3.0 Honeycomb

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It wasn’t that long ago we told you all about Toshiba’s foray ointo the tablet PC market with the Folio 100. Sadly the Folio 100 didn’t live up to expectations whatsoever and was pulled from sale at top high street chain Currys/Pc World due to the fact nearly all of them were coming back as faulty. Well hopefully Toshiba have learned from their mistakes and have improved themselves with their next tablet PC, an unnamed affair that will be sporting Google’s latest version of it’s popular Android 3.0 or Honeycomb if you want to use it’s food based codenames.


At 10.1” it’s already bigger than your iPads and your Galaxy Tabs not to mention the capacitive touchscreen with a whopping 1280×800 resolution. With a rear-facing 5MP camera and a front-facing 2MP camera it’s got the skills to pay the bills when it comes to video capture or video calling etc. Connectivity isn’t an issue either. A USB port and a mini-USB port alongside that ever useful HDMI port and an SD card slot for memory expansion(details of what it’s starting memory are a little thin). It also will have an accelerometer and ambient light sensor.


Toshiba have gone on to say that it will get released in the early half of this year, and will be at a “competitive price” whether that’s competitive to the iPad or the Galaxy Tab we’re not entirely sure. Please let’s hope its better than the Folio 100.


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