Toshiba Satellite T210/T230 Laptops

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If you’re not a gamer, more of a business user chances are you want an ultra portable laptop that doesn’t leave out all the goods required for a useful, fast computer. Toshiba Satellite laptops have always been reliable and do tend to deliver in their field. Now they’ve release two new models to the line, the thinnest Satellite models yet a mere 17.6mm.


Firstly is the T210. Packing a Intel Pentium U5400 processor this 1.48Kg, 11.3” laptop comes with up to 3GB of memory, 250GB of storage and the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Bundled with Windows 7 Home Premium and a battery life that Toshiba have said will last 8.5 hours.


The second is the T230. A slightly heftier 1.75Kg this has a 13.3” screen, running an Intel Core i3 processor, up to 4GB of RAM and 500GB of hard storage and again Windows 7 Home Premium. What’s surprising is the battery life for this is exactly the same as its smaller counterpart.


Both the Toshiba Satellite T210 and T230 will be available in July, however no pricing has been confirmed.


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