Toshiba Fest!! Part 3 : Media Centre

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StorE TV, the next-generation of media centre , another product recently posted by Toshiba. The little black box will come in various storage sizes, sit under your telly and play all the media you want whether it be movies, music or pictures.


Currently in pre-production, Toshiba outed a first draft if you will of the StorE TV and boy does it look interesting. It will be available in 3 storage sizes, starting at 1TB, 1.5TB and then 2TB. With built in Wi-Fi it can stream media wirelessly to your TV via it’s HDMI out, from a networked PC and other UPnP devices. HD videos, mp3s, jpegs. You name it it’ll show it. Also you can plug in USB sticks, external hard drives even an external DVD drive. It also sports a card reader for image or camcorder playback.


The software running it is still in development stage and therefore doesn’t give the full potential that may be offered by the StorE TV. Suggestions of “internet services” amongst other things could well be on the way so we’ll keep an eye out if things progress and it still looks like a nifty gadget in the future towards release which Toshiba is hoping for the Autumn time of this year.


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