Top 10 High-Converting PPC Strategies That Any Online Business Should Consider in 2021

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PPC (pay per click) advertising is the most effective and fast-evolving form of digital marketing. In 2021, PPC ADS will continue to transform. If you want effective PPC campaigns, you have to be aware of consumptions changes and follow regulations and standards.

With the Covid19, there has been a real change in online behaviour and a growing search for the most up-to-date and real-time news.So every business must transform and make decisions about what to do with its PPC campaigns.

Together, with ppc london, we want to review some of the PPC trends for 2021, so you will be able to do a successful campaign for your brand.

The PPC trends that you must bear in mind in 2021


Automation will be the most significant PPC trend in 2021. It seems to be on minds of almost every marketer.

Many industry experts agree that the key in 2021 and the future will be to get the most out of automation, the rules, and everything associated with automatic ADS control.

By automating, you will gain time to deal with other essential factors such as strategy and creativity.


The targeting options to identify a specific audience are getting better and better.

 In the case of Google Ads, you can create a personalised segmentation, based on the interests and the user's purchase intention.

Keywords will remain of great importance, of course. Still, you will have to start thinking about more creative campaigns. The main objective is to get conversions or leads. The purpose is the purchase of the product or service.

If you do a good segmentation job you will be above the competition, reach the right audience at the right time and get the top positions in search engines.


Data protection is necessary, but at the same time, it presents a challenge for digital marketers who collected data efficiently in the past.

The Data Protection Act 2018 controls how organisations, businesses or the government use your personal information. It is a challenge to combine these privacy laws, with the collection of leads to create specialised ads according to the type of public.

It is essential to know the laws and know how to apply them to each business to reach the largest number of users, providing trust and credibility.


Automation will eliminate some of the more tedious tasks. ADS account managers will have more time to think in a customer-specific campaign strategy. Therefore, the time spent on strategic planning, reviewing search terms weekly to find new searches to attract new users and raise new campaigns.

You must understand what is trending, and why specific campaigns have informative searches and eliminate those that have no value.

Automation also makes you have more time to be more creative. Be more efficient and do things with better quality.


5. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CRO (Conversion rate optimisation)

Investing in conversion rate optimisation is a must. Year after year, you see more and more companies engage in the digital market and business that invest large amounts of money to positioned their products and services.

The CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) plays an essential role. The better you have optimised the website or the landing page for the conversion, the more effective and efficient it will be, achieving better results and saving money.


Video ADS are trending. Video is the most creative and dynamic way to get the attention of users.

Create Display and YouTube campaigns: it is crucial to reach as many users as possible. It is time to bet on investing in other channels to balance the decrease in traffic on Google.

Consumer behaviour has changed; people watch more videos and use devices such as TV. The option of Display or Youtube campaigns can mean ways to reach a larger audience, whether they know the brand or not.


In the last two years, you have seen how some applications have increased their users. Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok, and of course Amazon. They have established themselves as a reference in the search engine every time someone wants to find a product.

If you want to grow a business, you must have the support of advertising on these channels. Be available to millions of users every day. More creative and visually attention-grabbing ADS, that's the key.


Users interact with different online businesses through multiple channels, devices, and mechanisms.

The proper attribution and knowledge of each distribution channel will be increasingly relevant as it provides you with essential data to make decisions at the marketing and advertising level.


Voice search was one of the hottest PPC trends in 2020, and also it will be in 2021. It offers an excellent opportunity for advertisers to target voice searches with PPC ADS.

The use of devices such as Alexa, Google Now, Cortana or Siri are growing. Use the right keywords you will be able to be recommended, and that can be one of the best strategies to gain popularity and sales.


In ADS, administrators have the opportunity to include varied titles and descriptions. Work with Google algorithm, which it will rotate and combine to show the most appropriate order.

In the end, automation is confirmed as one of the best PPC strategies to grow any business in 2021.

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