The top web trends for 2019

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The tech industry and the web have continued to dominate our lives in 2018, this is set to continue for many years to come, but what are we likely to see happen in 2019?

Mobile Dominance

Traffic to websites from mobile devices has continued to grow in recent years, back in 2016 it already generated more traffic than desktop at 57%. This has now increased to 63% in 2017 and will continue to grow.

Desktops and laptops will always have their place, but with mobile and tablets being ubiquitous many people carry out all their day to day tasks on the phone including all banking and shopping.

The continued decline of Highstreet names

Unless you live in a major city, the Highstreet is starting to look increasing vacant. This year saw several large names go into Administration including Toys R Us, Maplin, Poundworld, House of Fraser and Evans Cycles.

In contrast, Amazon controls almost 50% of all the spending online in the US, and was the second company to be valued at a trillion Dollars after Apple. This trend will no doubt continue, and smaller retailers, especially brick and mortar stores will have to adapt and overcome for 2019.

Social Media-Driven Purchases

Instagram continues to grow exponentially, there are more than 4 billion likes per day on Instagram, and each image posted on this platform gets an average of 23 percent more engagement than its Facebook counterpart.

Instagram started allowing companies to list products within their feeds that will directly link to the product page.

Eventually, this experience will be seamless and you will be able to add your card details into Instagram or Facebook and carry out the checkout all within the app.

With the rise of influences advertising products, you can safely say that your social media feed is going to be bombarded with products for 2019.

Growth of online gambling

Similar to the high street issues, gambling has shifted online at an increasing rate with Bet365 having a particularly lucrative year with their boss receiving a wage of £265m and the online gambling industry as a whole turning over £13 billion a year in the UK. has a great list of all the latest Casinos available in the UK where you can find information on free Spins 2019.

Over in the US the sports betting market is set to boom next year and beyond with the legalisation of betting in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Many bookmakers are now trying to establish deals with the casinos to bring their services to the US.

Digital Ethics and Privacy

Our growing reliance of the internet has brought around many concerns. Advertising and privacy have been a major issue in 2017, Facebook have been caught out in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and we see regular news stories about “Influencers” being paid money to name drop brand names hiding the fact that it is an advert.

The GDPR was launched this year which has been a major clampdown on privacy within Europe at least, but often and badly companies breach this regulation remains to be seen.

There have also been regular news reports about being addicted to social media, gaming, and their phones in general. This has led many companies to introduce Digital Health functions mobiles aiming to curb out use of these devices.

Consumers slowly appear to become more aware of privacy and this trend will set to continue throughout 2019 and beyond.

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