Top Tech Found in the Cars of Today

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Today, modern vehicles are beyond just a means of driving from one destination to another; there’s much more to them than this.

The technologies found within them can do everything from making driving easier to entertaining passengers and much more, but best of all, this isn’t just reserved for the cars with the top specs. What follows in this post is a selection of some innovative tech available that you could make the most of.


Dashboards are becoming more and more like smartphones and tablets – partially because you can also connect these to your car. As well as this, features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also now something to be found in a variety of vehicles including brands like Honda, Hyundai, BMW and Kai – to name just a few.

Autonomous Driving Assists

Certain cars have autonomous driving assists like cruise control which adapts to the distance of vehicles in front and behind of yours, but also there are warnings that sound to alert drivers to a possible forward collision. Again, these can be found in many vehicles from leading manufacturers.

Adaptive Driving

In a similar vein to this, the intelligence of the systems that monitor vehicle performance can even automatically adapt how the car is driving to make your journey more comfortable. An example of this would be the adaptive suspension found in BMW cars that comes with three different settings.

Touch and Gesture Screens

While having an array of apps is one thing, another impressive feature is the sophistication of today’s dashboard screens. Touchscreens are becoming more and more commonplace, but there are even cars that have screens which can be controlled by gesture alone. These are only limited to more high-end BMW models, but given how quickly touchscreens have evolved, it’s not ridiculous to think that gesture screens may go the same way.

As mentioned above, these are now becoming more and more common within mid-range cars, as well as those with top specs. So, a tip here would be to research the different options available on the trim levels of the cars that interest you, before you head to the buying markets. In addition, say if you wanted something like a Vauxhall with a specific feature, online providers like AA Cars, for instance, have search filters on their site, which breakdown different models, ages and more, making searching for a specific model much easier.

With this, you’ll be able to find and make the most of the tech you want much quicker, rather than spending an age shopping around.

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