Top software virtual marketing managers need

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Virtual Marketing Managers are tasked with creating and implementing killer digital strategies, whether that be for big corporate companies, or the lone business owner running a one-man show. Often these strategies can be quite elaborate and include everything from email marketing, Social Media Management and Marketing, to SEO. On top of that, they need to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends, tools and technology, while managing remote teams and ensuring project delivery is done effectively and on time. Any good marketing manager worth their salt knows that to manage all of this, it’s crucial to adopt the latest marketing technology and software to get the best results for their clients and to help execute those well-thought-out strategies to perfection. 

We take a look at some of the top software virtual marketing managers need. 

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

A CRM, or Client Relationship Management software, is to a company what a brain is to the body – it makes everything work. A CRM allows you to effectively monitor and track customer relationships, manage customer data, manage sales, gain access to valuable insights into your ideal market, and automate certain processes. Some popular CRM software options are Zoho CRM, Salesforce and HubSpot. 

Thea Hurenkamp, Virtual Marketing Manager for digital agency Prime Pixels ( shares why HubSpot is a clear winner for her in this category.

“HubSpot combines your CRM with email marketing and has all of the same functionality as MailChimp plus a whole lot more. It's a great way to see a complete view of all the touchpoints you have with your customers. And any time that I have run into questions about how to use the platform, their live chat support team has been very responsive and helpful”

Project Management 

Juggling multiple projects, clients and deadlines at any given time is an art for sure, but it’s not impossible with a little help from a decent project management tool. Popular project management software such as Trello (, Basecamp and Mondays,  can help Virtual Marketing Managers streamline workflows, collaborate with and keep teams on track to reach those crucial deadlines. 


Measuring the effectiveness and performance of your campaigns is crucial for any Virtual Marketing Manager’s strategy. In order to know and understand customer behaviour on your website, paid ads and other online platforms, you need to use a powerful analytics tool. 

Google Analytics, HotJar and Crazy Egg are all excellent analytics software platforms to gain valuable insight into your marketing efforts to help adjust strategies and ensure a great ROI.

Team management/communications

With the rise of remote work in the past year, and decentralised teams becoming the order of the day, effective team management and communication is crucial, especially as a Virtual Marketing Manager who often works with multiple teams and clients on various campaigns at any given time. Platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom are great for those “face-to-face” client meetings. Other software such as Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace and Slack ( is the perfect solution for overall team collaboration and communication – allowing for real-time conversations, and great for a quick brainstorm session with team members.


Virtual Marketing Managers are often entrusted with private company information, including passwords and login details. So where does one store this valuable, secret asset?  Online password protectors like Dashlane, Keeper and Lastpass ( are the answer. This software essentially acts like an online vault where you can organise, store and manage and share passwords safely. 

SEO Software

Popular Search Engine Optimization software such as SEMrush and Moz (, can help improve a company’s online visibility on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These tools are useful in finding broken links on websites, identifying link-building opportunities, getting the right keywords to optimize content, and even seeing what the competition is up to! A must-have tool in any Virtual Marketing Managers arsenal.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. It is still one of the most valuable marketing channels.  Email marketing software such as MailChimp ( and Constant Contact are essential to implementing effective lead nurturing and conversion marketing strategies for businesses. 

These software applications are just a few of the tools that Virtual Marketing Managers have access to in order to manage workflow, teams, projects and campaigns. As is the nature of technology, new software and platforms are constantly being rolled out and ultimately it’s up to either individual preference or identifying the company needs to determine which software works best.

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