Top-rated bitcoin wallet apps for your android mobile phone!

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Bitcoin has become the most trending topics nowadays. It is a decentralised cryptocurrency that is now getting popular all over the world. It allows users to make transactions throughout the globe without involving any bank or financial authority. It is a digital currency, so you need a digital wallet to store it, and the wallet used for it is known as a bitcoin wallet. If you want to get a bitcoin wallet on your android device for better accessibility, there are some amazing android bitcoin wallet apps that you can use. By obtaining a bitcoin wallet, you can also choose to trade bitcoin by downloading the bitcoin app from its platform


There are several bitcoin wallets that you can use on your android phone, but one of the most popular and incredible wallets is Electrum. It is an android as well as a desktop wallet which is full of some outstanding benefits. When you download Electrum on your mobile phone, a random key of 12 digits is generated, and it is the private keys for your wallet which you need to note down and store safely. Electrum doesn't store your private keys, which offers you complete control over the keys, and you can transfer your bitcoins from Electrum to any other wallet. The setup procedure is quite simple as all you need to create a 6-digit PIN that will be needed to authorise the bitcoin payments.

Electrum has its own unique QR code scanner that you can use to scan the codes of other bitcoin addresses and make quick and easy payments anytime and anywhere.

Trust Wallet

Bitcoin is quite popular, but with its increasing popularity, the risk of cyber thefts has also increased. So, in such a situation, you need an android bitcoin wallet that is reliable and offers you maximum safety. Trust Wallet is one of the most popular android bitcoin wallets which allow you to store bitcoin safely on your android device and access them anytime with great ease. One of the best things about the Trust wallet is that it is a multi-coin wallet that stores several cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. This android bitcoin wallet is developing with each passing day, and it is trying to add as many cryptocurrencies as possible. So, if you are looking for a bitcoin wallet app that allows you to store different cryptocurrencies simultaneously, there is no better option than the Trust Wallet.

Guarda wallet

Guarda is a fantastic Bitcoin wallet for your android phone. It is a web wallet that you can access on any android device and make bitcoin transactions. When it comes to safety, Guarda is one of the best android wallets on the market as it is full of incredible security features. The wallet doesn't ask the users for any personal or financial information, which allows you to set it up without revealing any private details. It offers excellent anonymity and allows you to enjoy maximum privacy.


Zengo is one of the most unique and innovative android bitcoin wallets, which stores the private keys on the server and encrypts them. It offers an additional layer of security for your wallet and ensures that no one else other than you can gain access to the private keys. Moreover, it also has face recognition technology that only allows the user to access the bitcoins after scanning his/her face. So, it makes it obvious that no one can access the wallet without your permission. It is the perfect android bitcoin wallet if you are a novice bitcoin user. The backup and restoration options are quite simple and easy to use. The only issue that you may find this wallet is that it is a closed-source bitcoin wallet app.

BRD wallet

Bitcoin is a new concept, and several people may find it difficult to use it for the first time. For such people, BRD Wallet is the best bitcoin wallet that you can use on your Android device and make easy bitcoin transactions. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among all the android bitcoin wallet apps available in the market. There is no requirement of signing up or creating an account, as you can use it without that. It is an open-source android wallet app which makes it more reliable and easier to trust.

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