When you want to arrive at your meeting destination, cool, calm and prepared then there are things you can buy that will make the trip just that little bit easier. 

If you are travelling a lot for business, you will know that having a few key gadgets and a little preparation can make the difference between an easy trip, and the journey from hell. So to help you, here are some top tips on how to prepare for anything, and what kit you might want to consider buying. 

Top of your list should be a power bank

It is normal now to carry a whole range of devices when you travel, from your business mobile, to you personal, your work laptop and your tablet. Of course the problem with all of these is that of course they need charging and may not have the battery life you need to last a flight with constant usage. Nothing worse than your mobile phone having a dead battery when you are trying to call the parking at Malaga Airport to let them know you are delayed in collecting your car.  

By far one of the best power banks on the market has got to be the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 premium portable charger. This powerbank can fit easily into your hand luggage, can charge 3 devices simultaneously. With a full charge this bank can last weeks, perfect for travel to countries which is prone to power cuts for example Africa and India. You could go completely off the grid and still have power to all your devices. 

It also has the benefit of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, meaning devices charge 85% quicker, and also charges itself just as fast for when you are in a hurry. 

With this device you get what you pay for, it is not cheap, but if you want reassurance and peace of mind that you can stay powered up when travelling this power bank will look after you. So when you need to book your airport parking on the go, you can just call or go online to Redparking, and not be left batteryless and stranded!

Pick your hand luggage carefully

Picking the best bag for all your belongings can be tough, but there are some great options out there to cater for not only clothing, shoes and toiletries, but also laptops and other devices. Everything in this bag would be devastating if lost, and potentially ruin that all important business deal you travelled all that way to get.

This is where smart luggage comes in. If you haven't heard of smart luggage, it is the range of luggage out there that makes your suitcase trackable no matter where it goes. No more lost luggage! The pick of the bunch is the Bluesmart One, which has every feature available. It has GPS for bag tracking around the work. 

It also has the ability to remote lock it from your mobile phone, a built in scale in the handle so you can weigh it quickly and easily, as well as a battery charger with USB ports. However, there is a catch with these, many airlines have banned some types of smart luggage due to the batteries used so it is very important you check before you travel if the luggage is accepted. 

Also in response to this ban Bluesmart decided to cease trading, so although it is possible to get hold of the Bluesmart One, for example on Amazon, availability will not be around forever. 

A dual SIM phone can really help

A dual SIM phone allows you to have two SIM cards in one phone, so whether that is both your work and personal SIMs in one device, or you are travelling regularly to the same country and it just makes sense to have a SIM for there then at least you won’t need multiple devices. 

The best on the market for 2019 is definitely the OnePlus 7 Pro. The display, the camera and the core specs are the best in class, easily beating competitor models from Samsung and Huawei.