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Various Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) layout and schematic capture software are available for MAC which serves as a perfect solution for electronic engineers who are in lookout of a powerful designing tool.

First let us discuss the advantages of PCB layout or design software:

  • Since every new product goes through with the process of designing, testing and final implementation it is a time consuming process. But a good PCB design software can reduce the time taken for development significantly as it promotes reusability. Every time you can re-utilize the same model which reduces time and also the cost incurred over the total manufacturing process.
  • Many PCB design software provides low cost PCB fabrication also along with. Printed circuit board fabrication is the method through which different circuit boards that are used in electronic and computer devices are assembled together. A particular surface pattern is followed while doing the task so as to assist in electronics manufacturing.
  • Through a good PCB design software you can deliver the products your customers in a timely manner without any unwanted delays.
  • You can implement new designs yourself and bring an upgrade in the manufacturing of the products.
  • A PCB design software makes it possible to test the final product after each different stage of development. This is a much better approach than testing the complete product at the end since errors are caught early on and unwanted problems and embarrassment is avoided in the future. A PCB design software follows the approach of prototyping in this regard. This way every prototype designed improves the final product. It is easier to check for flaws in design through prototyping before the production is made live. The prototyping is so fast that you can work on multiple products at once. So in the end you receive long-term benefits.

Following is the list of Top PCB Layout and Design Software for MAC:


This is a free EDA suite which is cloud based and integrates Schematic Capture, Circuit and PCB Layout in a web browser graphical user interface.

Using EasyEDA you can keep your work private and even share it or make it public. You can import schematics and libraries from Altium, Eagle, KiCad and even LTspice.

For exporting purposes you can use many different formats which includes JSON too. EasyEDA provides low cost PCB fabrication too along with as an option.


This software has been created by Altium for those who can’t go for their professional product but want to pursue PCB Design as a hobby.

Users can share their design plus knowledge and get suggestions from an online community of different users.


This is an open source software and is probably the most popular free EDA software available. Since it uses graphical user interface for the purpose it is very convenient and user friendly.


Osmond PCB is a highly flexible tool and provides many features such as virtually unlimited board sizes, number of board layers and parts. This tool can be used to design boards up to 700 pins which really gives a good amount of exposure to those who are just starting on this as well as beginners.


Fritzing is an open-source venture. It has a simplistic and minimal interface which helps those who are quite excited and enthusiastic about designing their own circuit and building their own projects.

It even provides documentation for the projects built by the user.

So if you have interest and are enthusiastic about designing your own printed circuit boards then you can select any one of the above mentioned PCB design software to build up your skills.

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